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Forex Capital Funds Temporarily Unavailable: What Happened?

Forex Capital Funds halts operations temporarily. Find out why

By GI Team

Forex Capital Funds Temporarily Unavailable What Happened

Effective immediately, Forex Capital Funds has halted all operations until further notice. This unexpected development is part of a significant transition involving a new backend infrastructure and sustainable models. A new management team will also be taking over to ensure the firm’s future success.

Forex Capital Funds Temporarily Unavailable

Forex Capital Funds has announced that all its operations are temporarily suspended. This pause is essential for the firm as it transitions to a new backend system and implements more sustainable business models. The temporary shutdown will impact all current traders and accounts.

Impact on Traders

During this transition, all existing trader accounts will be suspended. Forex Capital Funds has assured traders that they will receive new accounts free of charge once operations resume. This measure aims to minimize the inconvenience caused by the suspension and provide traders with a fresh start under the new system.

Pending Payouts

The suspension has also affected pending payouts. Forex Capital Funds has stated that all pending payouts will be reviewed once the firm is operational again. This review process will be handled by the new management team to ensure transparency and fairness.


Acknowledging the inconvenience caused to traders, especially those who have recently purchased challenges, Forex Capital Funds is offering refunds. Traders who have bought challenges within the past 30 days, specifically between April 14 and May 14, are eligible for refunds. To initiate the refund process, traders must send their order number and supporting evidence to

Apology and Commitment

Forex Capital Funds has issued an apology for any inconvenience this suspension may cause. They have expressed gratitude for the community’s understanding and patience during this period of change. The firm is committed to improving its services and aims to come back stronger and more resilient with the new infrastructure in place.

Future Prospects

This temporary suspension marks another significant chapter in the history of Forex Capital Funds. The firm is determined to use this period to develop a more robust and sustainable operation model. Traders and stakeholders are advised to stay updated as the firm will provide ongoing updates about the transition and the resumption of services.

Monitoring the Situation

Traders are encouraged to keep an eye on announcements from Forex Capital Funds for the latest information. The firm’s commitment to enhancing its systems and management indicates a positive outlook for the future. Once the transition is complete, traders can expect improved services and a more reliable trading environment.

In summary, the temporary unavailability of Forex Capital Funds is a strategic move aimed at long-term sustainability and improved service quality. While this period of transition may pose challenges, the firm’s dedication to its traders and the promise of a stronger return highlight a hopeful future for all involved.

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