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GuestInvest Methodology

GuestInvest operates as an online platform for comparing proprietary trading firms. Our focus is on evaluating top-tier and well-established players within the prop trading industry, with a particular emphasis on online proprietary trading firms. We meticulously assess over 30 proprietary trading firms across the globe, analyzing them against a comprehensive set of more than 900 data points. Our primary objective is to assist you in identifying the most suitable Proprietary Trading Firm to meet your specific requirements.

Everything you encounter on GuestInvest is rooted in dependable data and impartial information. We take pride in the fact that our expertise, spanning over 30 years in the financial sector, coupled with valuable feedback from our readers, forms the cornerstone of your GuestInvest journey.

Our methodology undergoes periodic refinement to ensure that we can effectively evaluate the services offered by any proprietary trading firm. We meticulously scrutinize more than 900 criteria:

We Review 900+ Criteria:

Our evaluation process involves a comprehensive analysis of proprietary trading firms, using a consistent set of data points and criteria, enabling us to make independent comparisons. Our data points are derived from practical experience: we acquire evaluation challenges and actively engage in trading activities.

We assess the same 11 key areas and criteria for all Proprietary Trading Firms.

Annually, we fine-tune our methodology based on our own experiences and the feedback of our users. Currently, we evaluate a total of 934 criteria for each proprietary trading firm, as detailed in the table below:

GuestInvest’s data-driven methodology aligns with industry standards and continuously evolves based on valuable customer insights and feedback.

User engagement plays a pivotal role in shaping our methodology, with 85 surveys and 50 user interviews conducted in the past year. This direct input from our users helps refine our evaluation criteria.

Throughout 2023, we have diligently updated and expanded GuestInvest by adding new reviews while ensuring our existing ones remain current. Over this period, we have meticulously reviewed and edited content for over 30 companies, involving scrutiny of more than 20,000 data points.

Beyond the aforementioned criteria, we maintain a comprehensive database that tracks the countries and territories from which each company accepts clients. This data covers a broad spectrum, encompassing 227 regions.

To further enhance our methodology, we have embarked on innovative ventures in automation and data scraping. These endeavors have enriched our dataset with thousands of new data points, further reinforcing the depth of our assessments.

Our commitment to transparency and objectivity is unwavering. We conduct our evaluations anonymously, using live accounts, ensuring that the companies being reviewed are unaware of our testing. During this process, we meticulously document our experiences and observations, aligning them with our predefined criteria.

Through these rigorous and unbiased methods, GuestInvest strives to provide the most comprehensive and reliable reviews for our users, helping them make informed decisions in the world of proprietary trading firms.

Balancing Expertise and Preferences: Crafting the Final Scores

Following our thorough evaluation of the company based on predefined criteria, we meticulously convert our findings into scores, applying varying weights to each criterion. These weightings are thoughtfully determined, drawing from our extensive professional expertise and insights gathered from our valued readers. Our goal is to ensure that the final score accurately represents the factors that are most relevant and significant to our clients, aligning with their preferences and priorities.

Meet Our Diverse Team of Full-Time Analysts

Our team of proprietary trading firms analysts hails from diverse corners of the globe, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the world of proprietary trading. These experts draw upon their backgrounds in finance, which encompass trading, investment, brokerage, and banking, to provide you with invaluable insights.

Our comprehensive reviews, meticulously crafted by our dedicated team, involve an intensive process. It typically takes us 15-25 days to research, write, and meticulously cross-check each review featured on This equates to approximately 160 working hours dedicated to every proprietary trading firm review. Moreover, to ensure our reviews and tools remain up-to-date and relevant, we diligently update our entire portfolio every single week. Your quest for accurate and timely information is our ongoing mission.

Our Guiding Principles

At Guest Invest, our fundamental mission revolves around helping individuals discover the most suitable proprietary trading firm for their unique needs. Our robust methodology is built upon these core principles:

  • Independence & Unwavering Integrity: We stand as an independent entity, unwavering in our commitment to integrity. No proprietary trading firms or financial service providers can sway our scoring through payment or pressure. Our reviews are conducted with the utmost impartiality.
  • Consistency & Unbiased Evaluation: Every proprietary trading firm featured on our website undergoes evaluation based on the same rigorous methodology. Our recommendations are free from bias, ensuring impartiality.
  • Transparency & Autonomy: We operate transparently to ensure that our scores and recommendations are solely the result of our analysts’ diligent work. These assessments remain independent of any agreements we may have with the proprietary trading firms.
  • Reality-Based Analysis: Our in-depth analysis relies on real information. We go beyond the surface by actively engaging with these firms – purchasing challenges and embarking on actual trading experiences.


We eagerly welcome your feedback! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or remarks about our methodology. You can contact us via email at Thank you!

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