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OFP Funding Review (10% Discount Code: U9NWZWZV)

Since its inception in 2021, OFP Funding (Overview Funding Program) has swiftly emerged as a leader in the trading sphere. Based in the UK, the company focuses on empowering traders by enabling risk-free trading opportunities, boasting an impressive ceiling of up to £5 million.

The Good and Bad about OFP Funding

The remarkable ascent of OFP is clearly demonstrated by the continually increasing number of traders who join their network each month, showcasing the significant impact OFP has on the trading scene. This success is a direct result of OFP’s commitment to providing traders with flexibility and maintaining transparent operations.

In the world of proprietary trading, OFP stands as a shining beacon of growth and profit. With a wide array of tradeable assets, including the forex market, OFP offers traders the opportunity to maximize their profits. By leveraging, traders can fully exploit the potential of each transaction in United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), or other currency pairs.

OFP’s risk management strategies are equally crucial to their success. They provide traders with a safety net, assisting them in carefully assessing and managing their positions. This has helped OFP sustain a profitable presence in the industry, appealing to both novice and experienced traders.

The transparency in their operations has made OFP a trusted partner in the trading world. With the United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and other major currencies in focus, traders can be confident that they always have the best chances of success with OFP.



  • Immediate Funding: OFP sets itself apart by granting instant access to the ‘master account’, eliminating the common hindrances of restrictions or delays often experienced on other platforms.
  • Diverse Trading Styles: With its funded program offering three unique trading models, OFP caters to a broad spectrum of trader inclinations, ensuring an array of options to choose from.
  • Responsive Market Footprint: Reflecting its dedication to enhance trading opportunities, OFP’s growth is in sync with its ability to adapt and cater to the fluctuating demands of the industry. This is evident in its provision for managing multiple accounts, further enhancing its market presence.

Who are OFP Funding?

OFP Funding, founded in 2021, is an emerging entity in the trading realm. Situated in London, OFP is owned by OverviewFX Ltd and is dedicated to providing comprehensive trading opportunities for individuals ranging from novice traders to seasoned professionals. OFP distinguishes itself through its amalgamation of immediate funding, diverse trading models, and a clear emphasis on transparency and flexibility. With a strong commitment to trader empowerment and a keen understanding of traders’ needs, OFP positions itself as a promising contender in the trading industry.

Dedicated Educational Platforms for Beginners:

  • Learning Tools: OFP offers educational platforms equipped with risk-free demo accounts that range from $5k to $100k. This allows aspiring traders to delve into trading activities and learn the basics without the fear of actual financial losses.
  • Freedom to Explore: With no rigid profit targets, beginners can begin trading at their own pace, free from the pressure of meeting specific goals, a feature that sets OFP apart from other trading platforms.

Tailored Options for Experienced Traders:

  • Customizable Options: Experienced traders have the flexibility to select between accounts like the 40% Instant Monthly or the 40% Instant Supercharged. This provides them with the opportunity to tailor their trading strategies according to their preferred style, pace, and overnight trading needs.
  • Open Practices: As a reliable trading partner, OFP emphasizes transparency, providing clear guidelines and rules. This empowers traders to make informed decisions, enhancing their trading skills in the prop firm industry.

Flexibility in Funding and Deep Liquidity:

  • Flexible Funding: OFP also stands out for its flexible funding options, catering to both new and seasoned traders.
  • Deep Liquidity: With access to deep liquidity pools, traders can enjoy tight spreads, increasing their potential profit share. This is another feature that makes OFP a preferred choice among traders in comparison to other platforms.

How OFP Funding Operates:

OFP acts as a springboard for trader growth. With a keen eye for identifying talent and dedication, it equips traders with realistic tools and opportunities, all the while protecting them from potential risks.

Trading Norms:
  • Daily 5% Drawdown Limit: OFP funding offers a safety net, ensuring that traders don’t lose more than 5% of their initial deposit balance in a single day.
  • 10% Total Drawdown Cap: This guarantees that the equity or balance never dips below 10% of the reference demo account balance, encouraging sustainable trading habits.
  • Consistent Engagement: By requiring a minimum of 3 days of trading per week, OFP encourages regular participation, which helps traders keep their skills up-to-date and sharp.
Account Flexibility:

The allure of OFP lies in its user-focused approach. By doing away with traditional obstacles such as challenges, verifications, and profit targets, OFP grants traders unmatched freedom. For a small monthly fee instead of a large initial fee, traders gain access to OFP accounts ranging in balance size. This results in a trading experience where OFP clients are in the driver’s seat, dictating their pace, strategy, and style in the trading world.

Through this funding program, traders also have the opportunity to trade profitably and enjoy a fair profit share, making OFP a preferred trading platform.

Key Features of OFP Funding:

OFP Funding distinguishes itself in the trading field by effortlessly merging state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use features, demonstrating their dedication to offering superior tools and options.

Sturdy Trading Environment:
  • Innovative Dashboard: Embracing the digital age, OFP provides a risk management dashboard that allows OFP traders to meticulously track and analyze their progress through demo accounts.
  • Immediate Funding: The instant funding model of OFP stands as its hallmark feature, enabling traders to commence their trading activities swiftly once they have an OFP account.
Empowerment through Choice:
  • Diverse Account Options: OFP presents a variety of account types, from the 40% Instant Monthly to the 26% Instant Monthly Account, catering to a broad spectrum of trading styles.
  • Barrier-Free Trading: With a philosophy anchored on empowering traders, OFP eliminates challenges, verifications, and profit targets from its funding program. This ensures an unrestricted trading experience, even when dealing with currency pair spreads and trading risks.

These features collectively establish an environment where both beginner and seasoned traders have access to crucial tools via their OFP funding account. With the focus firmly on empowering and preparing every trader for success, OFP also offers a fair profit split, ensuring that the initial deposit into the program is a worthwhile investment.

OFP's Impact in the Trading Industry:

In the midst of tough competition, OFP’s quick ascent is impressive. Their commitment to changing the usual rules and putting trader freedom first has made them a key player in the trading sector.

Growing Influence:
  • Growing Trader Numbers: The increasing number of traders opening an OFP account each month shows how OFP’s influence is growing in the trading world.
  • A Focus on Transparency: As one of the most transparent prop firms, they’ve quickly gained trust and become a top choice for many traders.

OFP’s dedication to openness and focus on empowering traders has carved out a special place for them in the trading world. This is a breath of fresh air in an industry often held back by unnecessary restrictions. By offering demo accounts and reasonable initial fees, OFP gives traders a sense of freedom.

With their overview funding program, they allow traders to start trading without ongoing costs, creating a welcoming environment for profitable traders. They also offer a fair profit split and clear account margin guidelines, which helps traders develop a successful trading strategy based on their initial account balance.

Emphasis on Consistency and Profitability:

OFP’s system is designed to recognize and reward steady, profitable trading habits, creating an environment that encourages consistency.

Achieving regular profitability is a common goal among traders, requiring a platform that supports this aim. OFP Funding’s emphasis on incentivizing consistent forex trading aligns well with this objective.

Consistency in Action:
  • Competitive Spreads: OFP ensures that traders can maximize their profits by offering tight spreads, even during news trading.
  • Regular Participation: By emphasizing a minimum of 3 trading days per week, OFP demonstrates its commitment to consistent trading.
Boosting Profit Potential:
  • Scalable Plans: With funding programs that adapt based on trader success, OFP turns profitability from a mere promise into a tangible result.
  • Inclusive Support: OFP’s structures provide equal opportunities for all, from beginners to seasoned professionals, to maximize profit potential with their trading account.

Maintaining consistency and profitability can be challenging, but OFP’s customized structures and reward systems make these objectives attainable for every trader on their platform, from retail traders to those with funded accounts. As a prop trading firm, they offer instant funding, allowing traders to start with a demo account before transitioning to an instant monthly account or other OFP accounts. The clear trading rules and account margin guidelines, along with a fair profit split, help traders develop successful trading strategies. The funding review process further ensures that each trader gets the most out of their funded account.

Safety Protocols and Risk Management

Even though OFP provides extensive trading opportunities, it places a high emphasis on discipline and caution.

Understanding Risks:
  • Set Drawdown Limits: By enforcing rules like the 5% daily and 10% total drawdown, OFP instills important risk management practices in forex trading among its traders.
  • Safety Measures: These safeguards are in place to protect traders from significant losses while they chase profits on their trading account.

While OFP encourages traders to ambitiously pursue their goals, these safety measures highlight the prop firm’s commitment to keeping prudence alongside ambition. The balance between freedom and clear boundaries ensures traders can strive for success on trading platforms while being shielded from potential risks.

With the instant funding option, traders can quickly get started with an instant monthly account or other funded accounts. The profit split is fair, and OFP Funding helps traders develop a successful trading strategy to maximize the potential of their funded account.

High Trust Rating and Reliable Support

On Trustpilot, OFP Funding has garnered a substantial amount of community feedback. The majority of these are positive reviews, resulting in an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 from a total of 869 reviews. This puts OFP Funding ahead of many other prop trading firms. Furthermore, their dedicated support team is readily available, ensuring quick assistance and information provision to users, making it a standout prop firm.

OFP Funding Support

OFP provides an extensive FAQ page that offers answers to common queries, facilitating quick guidance. Furthermore, the support team is available via the email address, ensuring timely and dependable assistance. This prompt support is an integral part of OFP’s commitment to delivering high-quality service.


In Conclusion, OFP Funding distinguishes itself in the populated trading arena by offering traders a unique mix of flexibility, transparency, and empowerment. Established in 2021, the company has remained unwavering in its commitment to offer exceptional opportunities, setting it apart from other prop firms.

By merging instant funding options with freedom of choice and strong safety measures, OFP Funding has created an environment conducive to trader growth without unnecessary barriers.

Whether you’re a beginner in trading or a seasoned professional looking for a platform that appreciates your skills, OFP appears well-prepared to cater to your needs. Their commitment to risk-free trading, supported by a high-tech dashboard and robust support system, sets them apart as a standout prop firm.

However, the real test of any trading platform is personal experience. To truly understand the OFP difference and how it could shape your trading journey, there’s only one path – explore OFP Funding. Start a trading experience tailored to your skills, preferences, and ambitions, and see for yourself why the OFP funding review and profit split terms have received such positive feedback.

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