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The5%ers Review (7.5% Discount Link)

The5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program was initiated in 2016 with the goal of offering full-time traders access to greater capital than what is typically available to them. Their team is deeply committed and enthusiastic about the trading profession. The5%ers operate as an officially registered UK company with a base in London, while their main headquarters are situated in Israel.

The Good and Bad about The5%ers

The mission of The5%ers is to establish a secure, equitable, and transparent trading environment for traders worldwide. This framework is designed to facilitate personal growth and contribute to the success of traders in their lives.



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Who are The5%ers?

The5%ers is a proprietary trading firm with its main office located in London, UK. They offer various account models, including instant funding accounts with options for low-risk or aggressive-risk trading. Traders can select from instant funding account sizes of $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000, which can be scaled up to as much as $4,000,000. Additionally, The5%ers provides a high-stakes two-step evaluation program and a Bootcamp challenge model with options for $100,000 or $250,000 accounts, both of which have the potential to be scaled up to $4,000,000. Traders have the flexibility to use MetaTrader 5 for trading, and they connect to the market through a third-party broker.

The5%ers is a registered UK company based in London and is owned by FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD. The company was incorporated on April 9, 2020, with Gil Ben Hur as its founder. Their headquarters is situated at 14 Haroshet St, Raanana, Israel. This information can be verified through records on Companies House.

Funding options

The5%ers offers traders a choice of three different programs:

  • Instant Funding Program Accounts
  • High-Stake Challenge
  • Bootcamp Program Account

Instant Funding Program

The5%ers instant funding program account enables traders to begin earning without going through an evaluation phase. The main focus should be on staying within the 3% daily drawdown and 6% maximum loss limits. It’s important to note that there are no specific requirements for the maximum number of trading days to complete level 1. Profit splits ranging from 50% to 100% are awarded based on your trading profits, and the leverage available is 1:30.

Instant Funding Program Scaling Plan:

Program Level

Account Balance

Profit Split


Level 1




Level 2


75% (50% if starting account size)


Level 3


75% (50% if starting account size)


Level 4




Level 5




Level 6




Level 7




Level 8




Level 9




Level 10




Instant funding program accounts at The5%ers also come with a scaling plan, as outlined in the provided spreadsheet. To become eligible for account scaling, the sole requirement is to achieve the profit target specified for your particular instant funding level. An advantageous aspect to note is that your withdrawals do not hinder your account’s ability to scale up. Your account becomes eligible for scaling when your total profits reach the 10% profit target.

For example:

  • Profit target for this account type: 10%
  • First 14 calendar day period: You gain 4% and withdraw 50% of your profits.
  • Second 14 calendar day period: You gain 7% and withdraw 50% of your profits.
  • Your total profits have reached 11%, making you eligible for scale-up as you have surpassed the 10% profit target.

The trading instruments available for the instant funding program account include forex pairs, metals, and indices.

Instant Funding Program Rules:

  • Profit Target: This is a specific percentage of profit that traders need to achieve to complete an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or scale their account. The profit target for all scaling levels at The5%ers is 10%.
  • Maximum Loss: This refers to the maximum loss a trader can incur overall before their account is violated. Regardless of the account size, the maximum loss limit is 6%.

  • Daily Pause: This is a loss protection mechanism designed to prevent significant losses. When the daily pause level is reached, all open trades are automatically closed, and the account remains disabled until the next trading day. The daily pause limit for all account sizes is 3%.

  • Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: It’s important to note that using a third-party copy trading service may expose traders to the risk of using the exact same trading strategy as other traders who are also using the same service. This risk could lead to the denial of a funded account or withdrawal if it exceeds the maximum capital allocation rule.

  • Third-Party EA (Expert Advisor) Risk: Similar to third-party copy trading, this risk applies to traders intending to use third-party Expert Advisors (EAs) in their trading. If other traders are already using the same EA and trading strategy, there’s a risk of exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule, potentially leading to the denial of a funded account or withdrawal.

High-Stake Challenge

Account Size










High-Stake Challenge Phases:

In the first evaluation phase, traders are required to achieve an 8% profit target while ensuring that their daily losses do not exceed 5%. Additionally, they must maintain an overall loss limit of 10%. There is no specified time frame for reaching the profit target during this phase, but traders must accumulate a minimum of three profitable trading days to proceed to phase two.

In the second evaluation phase, traders aim to reach a 5% profit target, with the same daily and overall loss limits as in phase one. Similar to the previous phase, there is no specific time restriction for achieving the profit target. However, traders must once again have a minimum of three profitable trading days to advance to a funded account.

Upon successfully completing both evaluation phases, traders receive a funded account. It’s essential to note the minimum withdrawal policy of $150, and traders must adhere to the minimum of three profitable days rule in both evaluation stages. Additionally, traders are required to respect the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss rules.

The initial payout is made 14 calendar days after placing the first position on the funded account. Subsequent payouts are issued bi-weekly, with a profit split of 80% based on the profits generated in the funded account. This profit split can potentially increase to 100%, with the possibility of an additional monthly salary based on qualification for a certain scaling level.

High-Stake Challenge Scaling Plan:

The high-stake challenge also incorporates a scaling plan. To become eligible for scaling your account to the next level, you must achieve a profit target of 10%. It’s important to note that you can scale your account once every pay period, and the act of withdrawing funds will not hinder your account’s ability to scale up. Your account becomes eligible for scaling when your total profits reach the 10% profit target.

For instance, let’s consider an example with a profit target of 10%:

  • In the first 14 calendar day period, you achieve a 4% gain and withdraw 80% of your profits.
  • During the second 14 calendar day period, you gain 7% and once again withdraw 80% of your profits.
  • At this point, your total profits have reached 11%, making you eligible for a scale-up since you’ve met the 10% profit target.

It’s worth noting that both your account balance and profit split will increase in accordance with the provided table when you choose to scale your account.

High-Stake Challenge Rules:

The profit target represents a specific percentage of profit that a trader must achieve before progressing through an evaluation phase, withdrawing profits, or scaling their account. In phase 1, the profit target is set at 8%, while phase 2 requires a profit target of 5%. It’s important to note that funded accounts come with a requirement to adhere to the minimum withdrawal policy.

Maximum daily loss refers to the maximum allowable daily loss a trader can incur before their account is in violation. For all account sizes, the maximum daily loss is limited to 5%.

Maximum loss, on the other hand, represents the highest allowable overall loss a trader can reach before their account is considered in violation. Across all account sizes, the maximum loss is capped at 10%.

A profitable trading day is defined as a day in which closed positions yield a positive profit of at least 0.5% of the initial balance. The positive profit is calculated as the minimum value between the midnight balance and midnight equity, minus the previous day’s balance.

Regarding trading restrictions, traders are not allowed to engage in trading during high-impact news releases, adhering to a “no news trading” policy. This restriction encompasses the prohibition of opening and closing any trades within 2 minutes before and after the release of news.

It’s important to acknowledge the risks associated with third-party copy trading and third-party EA usage. When employing third-party copy trading services or third-party EAs, traders should be aware that others may be utilizing the same trading strategies. Exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule through the use of these services may potentially result in denial of a funded account or withdrawal.

Bootcamp Program

The5%ers Bootcamp program account offers traders a cost-effective entry point to showcase their trading abilities. In this program, traders initially pay a portion of the total fee as an entry cost and settle the remainder upon completing the demo stages.

The demo stages mentioned above come with an entry cost of 95€ for the $100k Bootcamp account and 225€ for the $250k Bootcamp account. Traders are granted a leverage of 1:10, and there are no specific minimum trading day or trade requirements to fulfill. Each of the three demo stages has a profit target set at 6%, with a maximum loss limit of 5%. Importantly, there are no maximum trading day requirements, but traders should be aware of the account expiration policy, which is triggered after 21 days of inactivity.

Additionally, traders must adhere to the stop-loss requirement for all positions, ensuring that they do not risk more than 2% of their initial account balance. Accounts with more than three violations of this rule will be terminated. Upon successfully completing all three demo stages, traders become eligible to participate in live trading stages, scale their accounts, and earn profits.

Once traders successfully pass the three demo account stages in the $100k or $250k Bootcamp account, they can enter the live trading stages by paying a one-time fee of 205€ for the $100k account or 350€ for the $250k account. During the live trading stages, traders can operate with a leverage of 1:10 and become eligible for account growth each time they reach a profit target of 5%. The profit split varies depending on the specific live trading stage, ranging from 50% up to 100%.

For detailed information on the rules and specifications of the $100k Bootcamp program account, traders can refer to the provided resources to ensure they are fully informed about the program’s requirements.

Bootcamp Program Scaling Plan:

Demo Stages

Account Size

Demo stage 1

$25,000/ $100,000

Demo stage 2

$50,000/ $150,000

Demo stage 3

$75,000/ $200,000

In the Bootcamp program account, the scaling plan for the demo stages entails achieving a profit target of 6% while ensuring not to exceed a maximum loss of 5% in each level. Successfully completing all three demo stages grants access to the live trading stages of the program.

Live Trading Stages

Account Size

Profit Split

Live trading stage 1 or Start $100k



Live trading stage 2



Live trading stage 3



Live trading stage 4



Live trading stage 5



Live trading stage 6 or Start $250k


75% or 50%

Live trading stage 7



Live trading stage 8



Live trading stage 9



Live trading stage 10



Live trading stage 11



Live trading stage 12



Live trading stage 13



Live trading stage 14



Live trading stage 15



Live trading stage 16



Live trading stage 17



In the Bootcamp program account, the scaling plan for live trading stages requires you to achieve a profit target of 5% without exceeding the 4% maximum loss in each level. There is also a 3% daily pause in place, which means that if your drawdown exceeds 3%, your account will be disabled for the day. It’s important to note that hitting the daily pause will not result in the termination of your trading account. You become eligible to scale your account when you reach your profit target. Additionally, you will receive your profit split each time you reach your profit target and scale your account.

The trading instruments available for the Bootcamp program account include forex pairs, gold, and silver.

Bootcamp Program Rules:

Profit target is a specific percentage of profit that a trader is required to achieve before they can successfully complete an evaluation phase, withdraw any profits, or progress to the next level of their trading account. In the Bootcamp program, the demo stages necessitate reaching a profit target of 6%, while the live trading stages require a profit target of 5%.

The daily pause is a protective measure designed to prevent traders from incurring substantial losses. When the daily pause threshold is reached, all open trades are automatically closed, and the trading account is temporarily disabled until the next trading day. This feature is consistent across all account sizes and is set at a daily pause level of 3%.

Maximum loss represents the highest allowable cumulative loss that a trader can experience before their trading account is considered in violation. In the Bootcamp program, the demo stages have a maximum loss limit of 5%, while the live trading stage imposes a more stringent maximum loss limit of 4%.

Stop-loss required denotes that traders are obligated to set a stop-loss order for each trading position before initiating a trade. This risk management practice is mandatory to help protect against significant losses.

Similarly, “stop-loss risk per position” signifies that traders must specify a predetermined percentage-based stop-loss level for each trading position before entering into a trade. In the Bootcamp program, a minimum stop-loss risk of 2% is mandatory for every position to mitigate potential losses.

Is Getting The5%ers Capital Realistic?

When assessing proprietary trading firms to align with your forex trading style, it’s crucial to gauge the realism of their trading requirements. Sometimes, firms may offer enticingly high profit splits on generously funded accounts, but if their expectations entail achieving unrealistically high monthly gains while maintaining very low maximum drawdowns, your chances of success can dwindle significantly.

Receiving capital from The5%ers instant funding programs is indeed a realistic proposition. These programs provide direct funding, allowing traders to start earning right from the beginning. The initial level presents a profit target of 10%, effectively doubling your capital. Furthermore, in terms of maximum loss rules, it remains attainable to secure funding since traders are subject to a 3% daily pause and a 6% maximum loss limit.

The high-stake challenge offered by The5%ers also falls within the realm of realism. This is primarily because of the relatively modest profit targets, with 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two, coupled with average maximum loss rules (5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss). Notably, there’s no constraint on the maximum trading duration, granting ample time to complete both evaluation phases.

The Bootcamp funding program at The5%ers aligns with realistic expectations as well. Traders must successfully navigate three demo stages before gaining entry to the live trading stages. In these live stages, the profit target of 5% is reasonable, and a 4% maximum loss limit, along with a 3% daily pause rule, provides practical risk management measures. It’s worth highlighting that you can withdraw your profits upon completing each individual live trading stage.

Taking all these factors into account, The5%ers emerges as an excellent choice for traders seeking funding opportunities. The firm offers three distinct funding programs, each characterized by realistic trading objectives and payout conditions, providing a flexible and pragmatic path to securing capital for your trading endeavors.

Finotive Funding Traders Feedback

The5%ers has garnered outstanding feedback and reviews from traders and participants in their programs. This positive reception reflects the satisfaction and success of individuals who have engaged with The5%ers’ proprietary trading offerings. Their reputation in the trading community is indeed commendable.

On Trustpilot, The5%ers has received a wide range of positive feedback from their community, with an impressive score of 4.8/5 based on 1,485 reviews. This high rating indicates a strong level of satisfaction among those who have engaged with The5%ers’ programs. Additionally, the presence of a reliable support team adds to the overall positive experience, as they can assist traders with any questions or concerns they may have.


The5%ers provides multiple channels for customer support and information:

  • FAQ Page: You can visit their FAQ page to find answers to common questions and gather the information you might be looking for.

  • Email Support: You can contact their support team directly via email at

  • Office Hours: Their office hours are as follows:

    • Sunday to Thursday: 7:00 to 17:00 GMT
    • Friday: 7:00 to 12:00 GMT
  • Telephone: You can reach out to The5%ers for inquiries or assistance through the following telephone numbers:

    • +1 (929) 955 5595
    • +44 (20) 8068 0793

These various contact options ensure that you can easily get in touch with The5%ers for any further information or support you may need.


In summary, The5%ers stands as a reputable proprietary trading firm that provides traders with three distinct funding programs: Instant Funding, the High-Stake Challenge, and the Bootcamp Challenge. For the Instant Funding program, traders must achieve a 10% profit target while staying within the 6% maximum loss rule. It’s important to adhere to the 3% daily pause rule to prevent overtrading. Successfully reaching profit targets results in a doubling of the trader’s account balance, and they can continue to scale their account each time they hit a 10% profit target, up to a maximum balance of $4,000,000. There are no specific maximum or minimum trading day requirements to fulfill level 1 or any other scaling level once eligibility is met. The High-Stake Challenge follows the industry-standard two-phase evaluation process. Traders need to reach profit targets of 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two to become funded. These objectives are realistic, given the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss rules in place. Successful completion of the High-Stake Challenge can earn traders profit splits ranging from 80% to 100%, along with the possibility of an additional monthly salary if they qualify for specific scaling levels. The Bootcamp Funding Program necessitates the completion of three demo stages before access to live trading stages is granted. Here, traders can begin generating profit splits and further scaling their accounts. Achieving a 5% profit target allows for profit withdrawals and account scaling up to a maximum balance of $4,000,000. Notably, there are no specific maximum or minimum trading day requirements for the Bootcamp Funding Program. I would recommend The5%ers to individuals seeking a proprietary trading firm with clear and transparent rules. They are a well-established player in the industry, offering favorable conditions for traders with diverse trading styles. After assessing the full spectrum of offerings from The5%ers, they undoubtedly rank among the top-tier proprietary trading firms in the industry.

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