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Funded Trading Plus CEO: Get to Know Simon Massey

Funded Trading Plus – Proprietary Trading Firm led by CEO Simon Massey, get to know him in our latest blog.

By GI Team

Funded Trading Plus CEO Get to Know Simon Massey

In the dynamic realm of proprietary trading, this week brings forth a wave of positivity for Prop Firm enthusiasts. Notably, various prop firms are making noteworthy strides towards establishing themselves as industry leaders. The growth and attention garnered by the Prop Firm Industry are nothing short of remarkable. As we reflect on the past, the prop industry’s transformation from relative obscurity to rapid expansion is truly extraordinary. Without further delay, let’s dive into our blog, featuring Simon Massey, the CEO of Funded Trading Plus.

Funded Trading Plus CEO

Before we delve into the profile of Simon Massey, it’s essential to revisit the inception of Funded Trading Plus. Established on November 2, 2021, this proprietary trading firm provides clients with the opportunity to operate accounts ranging from $200,000 to an impressive $2,500,000 in capital.

Simon Massey: CEO Extraordinaire

At the helm of Funded Trading Plus is Simon Massey, whose journey into the financial sector takes a unique trajectory. Initially drawn to a career in emergency services as an adrenaline-driven young man, Simon’s ten-year stint led him to reassess his path. Taking a leave to contemplate his future, he found inspiration in the financial world through his friend Pasha, a former city trader with significant experience.

Trading Journey and Mentorship

Learning from Pasha, Simon delved into trading, ultimately transitioning into full-time trading after gaining valuable insights. Beyond his personal trading endeavors, Simon’s focus extended to helping and mentoring others. This commitment gave rise to Trade Room Plus, a platform co-founded with Michael to share experiences and assist others in embarking on their trading journeys.

Funded Trading Plus: Bridging the Gap

The concept of Funded Trading Plus was born from recognizing the advantage Pasha had over average retail traders—access to substantial capital. This proprietary trading firm levels the playing field by enabling individuals to engage with higher capital amounts, traditionally beyond the reach of average retail traders.

About The Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm that offers funded trading programs to traders. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in London. Funded Trading Plus is an extension of Trade Room Plus, a platform that helps traders gain access to funded trading capital. Funded Trading Plus offers a unique simulated-live funded trading program that allows traders to access up to $2500000 trading account while keeping 100% of the profit.

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