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True Forex Funds Instruments: What Can You Trade with TFF?

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of forex funds instruments and how to select the best one for you.

By GI Team

True Forex Funds Instruments What Can You Trade with TFF

Forex fund instruments are investment vehicles. They allow traders to access the forex market without having to put up all the capital themselves.

Understanding true forex funds instruments is crucial. They provide traders with more capital to trade with, leading to greater profits. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of forex funds instruments. We will also explore how to select the best one for you.

About True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is a proprietary trading firm. It provides funding and trading opportunities to traders in the forex and CFD markets. Headed by CEO Richard Nagy, the Hungary-based company offers a range of account sizes from $10,000 to $400,000. It utilizes a two-step evaluation process with realistic profit targets and risk management rules.

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What are True Forex Funds Instruments?

Here’s a list of all of the instruments:

  • Forex: 40 different currency pairs
  • Indices
  • Metals: Gold Silver, Palladium, and Platinum
  • Commodities: Crude oil, Brent oil, and Natural gas
  • Stocks (CFDs): 30 different stocks.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The 28 most popular crypto.

What Evaluation Program Accounts Are Available for Traders at True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds offers different evaluation program accounts. These aim to identify consistent and talented traders who can meet profit targets. The evaluation programs are industry-standard two-phase challenges. Traders must meet specific profit targets while adhering to maximum daily and loss rules. The available evaluation program accounts at True Forex Funds include:

Standard Evaluation Program:

  • Traders are required to reach an 8% profit target in the first phase. And a 4% profit target in the second phase, within specified timeframes.
  • Profit splits of up to 80% are available, and traders can scale their accounts as needed.

Quick Funding Evaluation Program:

  • This program offers a faster evaluation process. It potentially allows traders to access funded accounts more quickly.

Limitless Evaluation Program:

  • This program provides traders with the opportunity to access larger funded accounts, with the potential for higher profit splits.

These evaluation programs enable traders to trade with 1:100 leverage and choose their account currency in USD, EUR, or GBP. Traders who complete the evaluation phases can be awarded funded accounts with varying maximum account sizes, allowing for significant trading potential and the opportunity to scale up their accounts based on their performance.

How Does True Forex Funds Determine the Leverage for Traders

True Forex Funds determines the leverage for traders individually, based on the specific trading instrument category and external factors. The leverage offered by True Forex Funds is as follows:

  • Forex pairs: 1:100
  • Metals: 1:100
  • Energies: 1:100
  • Indices: 1:100
  • Cryptocurrencies: 1:5
  • Stocks: 1:10

This individualized approach to determining leverage allows for tailored trading conditions based on the specific assets being traded, providing traders with the flexibility to optimize their trading strategies based on the instrument category.

Profit Split and Scaling Options

Profit split and scaling options are important factors to consider when selecting the best True Forex Funds instruments. True Forex Funds offers an 80/20 profit split for traders who complete the evaluation program.

Traders can also scale their accounts by 25% every 90 days, up to a maximum account size of $400,000.

This allows traders to increase their trading capital and potential earnings as they become more profitable. Additionally, True Forex Funds offers a range of evaluation program accounts. These have varying profit targets and account sizes, allowing traders to choose the best option for their trading goals and risk tolerance.

By considering these profit split and scaling options, traders can select the True Forex Funds instruments that best align with their trading strategies and goals.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Trader at True Forex Funds

To become a trader at True Forex Funds, you need to pass a two-phase evaluation. In the first phase, you are required to reach an 8% profit in less than 30 days without violating a 5% daily loss limit.

The second phase gives you 60 days to hit a 5% profit target, with the same loss limits applying. Funded traders who profit more than 8% in three months are eligible to scale up their accounts by 25% until they reach a maximum account size of $400,000.

True Forex Funds welcomes various trading strategies, including scalping, hedging, and automated trading. The firm offers a full range of trading solutions, including a wide variety of leading market products and services, all in one location, with a fully personalized dashboard.

Additionally, True Forex Funds provides traders with access to a diverse range of trading instruments, such as 40 currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, stocks (CFDs), and 28 cryptocurrencies.

What Is the Minimum Deposit Required to Become a Trader at True Forex Funds

The minimum deposit required to become a trader at True Forex Funds is €89. This initial fee is reimbursed if a trader passes the challenge.

Upon completing both evaluation phases, traders are awarded a funded account with no profit targets. They are only required to follow the 5% daily loss limit. 

True Forex Funds is known for its straightforward trading rules and the flexibility it offers to traders during the evaluation process.

What Is the Maximum Account Size for Traders at True Forex Funds

The maximum account size for traders at True Forex Funds ranges from $10,000 to $400,000. Upon completing the evaluation phases, traders can be awarded a funded account with a balance of up to $400,000. This allows for significant trading potential and the opportunity to scale up accounts by 25% for profitable traders until they reach the maximum account size.

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