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Best Managed Forex Accounts In 2024

Let experienced professionals handle your investments, explore the best managed forex accounts.

By GI Team

Best managed Forex Accounts In 2024

The vast foreign exchange market, also known as forex, facilitates the trading of currencies. It’s the world’s largest financial market, with trillions of dollars exchanged daily. This constant exchange of currencies creates opportunities for investors to profit by buying and selling them at strategic moments.

To participate in this market, individuals can open forex accounts with brokers. These accounts allow you to buy and sell currencies, but successfully navigating the complexities of forex trading can be challenging, especially for beginners.

This is where managed forex accounts come in. They offer a solution for investors seeking to access the potential of the forex market but who lack the time or expertise to manage their accounts. By entrusting your funds to a professional money manager or forex trader, you can potentially benefit from their experience and knowledge of the market.

How Managed Forex Accounts Work?

Managed forex accounts function by handing over the reins of your investment capital in the forex market to a professional. This professional can be referred to as a money manager, account manager, or forex trader. These individuals act as your guide in the complex world of currency exchange, making buy and sell decisions on your behalf with the aim of generating profits.

The Money Manager/Account Manager/Forex Trader: Your Forex Expert

managed accounts

The money manager you choose is the captain of your forex investment ship. Their responsibilities include:

  • Market Analysis: They constantly analyze economic data, news events, and technical indicators to identify trading opportunities in the forex market.
  • Trading Decisions: Based on their analysis, they make informed decisions about buying and selling currencies on your behalf.
  • Risk Management: They employ risk management strategies to try and minimize potential losses in your account.
  • Communication: They should keep you informed about your account’s performance and their trading activities, though the level of detail may vary depending on the provider.

Management Fees vs. Performance Fees: How They Get Paid

There are two main ways money managers are compensated for their services:

  • Management Fee: This is a fixed percentage of your account value, typically charged quarterly or annually. It essentially pays the money manager for their time and expertise in managing your account, regardless of whether the account makes profits or losses.
  • Performance Fee: This is an optional fee that’s only charged if the money manager generates profits for your account. It’s typically a percentage of the profits earned, incentivizing the money manager to perform well.

Some forex brokers may offer accounts with a combination of both management fees and performance fees, while others may offer one or the other. It’s important to understand the fee structure before investing in a managed forex account.

Benefits of Managed Forex Accounts: Leveraging Expertise and Market Opportunities

Managed forex accounts offer several attractive advantages for investors, particularly those who are new to the complexities of the forex market. Here’s a closer look at some of the key benefits:

1. Access to Professional Traders and Their Expertise

One of the most significant benefits of managed forex accounts is the chance to tap into the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals. The forex market is a dynamic and fast-paced environment, requiring constant monitoring, analysis, and strategic decision-making. Money managers managing your account have likely spent years honing their skills in:

  • Market Analysis: They are adept at interpreting economic data, news events, and technical indicators to identify profitable trading opportunities.
  • Technical Skills: They understand and utilize various technical analysis tools and strategies to make informed trading decisions.
  • Risk Management: They employ effective risk management strategies to try and minimize potential losses and protect your capital.

By handing the reins over to a professional, you gain the potential to benefit from their expertise without needing to invest the significant time and effort required to develop your own forex trading skills.

2. Potential for Higher Returns (Remember, High Risk as Well)

The forex market is known for its volatility, which can present opportunities for investors to achieve returns that may be difficult to match with more traditional investments like bonds or stocks. This volatility can be a double-edged sword, however. While it offers the potential for higher gains, it also carries a significant risk of larger losses. It’s crucial to understand this inherent risk before considering managed forex accounts.

3. Portfolio Diversification with a New Asset Class

Adding forex to your investment portfolio can be a valuable diversification strategy. The value of currencies often has a low correlation to the performance of stocks and bonds. This means that when other parts of your portfolio are down, forex may hold its value or even appreciate, potentially helping to offset losses elsewhere. By including forex in your portfolio, you can potentially improve its overall risk-adjusted return.

It’s important to remember that these are just some of the potential benefits of managed forex accounts. Before investing, it’s crucial to carefully consider your risk tolerance and investment goals.

Types of Managed Accounts Offered by Brokers

Brokers may offer a few different structures for managed forex accounts, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown of the common types:

The main types of managed forex accounts offered by brokers include:

  • Forex Copy Trading: This involves mimicking the trading movements of expert traders to replicate their success. Platforms like eToro automate this process, allowing investors to follow and copy the trades of experienced traders.
  • PAMM/MAM Accounts: This account management system uses ratios to determine volume and returns, splitting the activity of the account owner between managed portfolios based on the PAMM ratio.
  • Advisory Services: While advisory services can be part of a managed forex account, they differ by offering holistic portfolio recommendations and financial advice beyond just account management. Clients can receive consultations detailing strategies, best practices, and market recommendations.
  • Managed Portfolio: Managed portfolios involve professional traders or financial experts making investments on behalf of clients. These portfolios extend beyond forex trading to include a diverse range of investments like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. Fees typically range from 1% to 2% annually.
  • Other Services: Solo accounts tailored to individual clients’ financial goals and requests, usually requiring a minimum deposit of around $10,000.

Choosing the Right Account Type

The best type of managed forex account for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Investment Goals: Are you seeking a high level of customization or are you comfortable with a more standardized approach?
  • Risk Tolerance: How much control do you want over your investment? SMAs offer more control, while pooled accounts spread risk across multiple investors.
  • Account Size: Do you have a large enough portfolio to meet the minimum investment requirements for certain account types?

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the managed forex account structure that best suits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Best Managed Forex accounts

RoboForex (CopyFX)

roboforex logo

RoboForex offers a comprehensive copy trading system that allows investors to replicate the trades of experienced traders. This platform provides a user-friendly interface, detailed performance metrics, and a wide selection of skilled traders to follow.

Read our comprehensive review of RoboForex.


fbs logo

FBS stands out for its user-friendly copy trading app that allows investors to easily follow and copy the trades of professional traders. The platform offers a diverse range of traders to choose from, along with performance statistics for informed decision-making.


forex4you logo

Forex4You excels in providing passive income options with no minimum deposit requirements. This platform offers various investment strategies tailored to different risk profiles, allowing investors to generate income without actively managing their accounts.


fxpro logo

FxPro offers a Managed Account Module (MAM) with no management fee, allowing investors to allocate funds to professional traders for trading without incurring additional charges.

IC Markets

IC Markets

IC Markets provides a Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) and MAM account with low fees, making it an attractive option for investors looking for cost-effective managed account solutions.


tickmill logo

Tickmill is renowned for its MyFxBook Autotrade accounts with low fees, offering investors the opportunity to automatically replicate the trades of successful traders.

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