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Here’s the Finotive Funding Discount Code – Limited Time Only!

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By GI Team

Here's the Finotive Funding Discount Code - Limited Time Only!

To all the traders out there, here’s an exclusive 10% discount code for Finotive Funding that you can use to evaluate the platform, manage your risk, and potentially increase your profit.

This limited-time offer is available for all traders who are interested in leveraging the forex market, cryptocurrencies, and other trading assets. Simply use the code INVEST at the checkout to avail of this special discount.

How to Use the Finotive Funding Discount Code

When you apply the code INVEST at the checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your evaluation of the trading platform. This discount can be beneficial for traders looking to explore the various features of the platform. Understand the terms and conditions, and assess the potential profit and risk involved in their trading activities. 

Here are simple steps:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Finotive Funding account.
  2. Navigate to the payment or checkout section.
  3. Enter the code INVEST in the designated field.
  4. Click “Apply” to redeem the 10% discount.

About Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding is a trading firm that’s part of the Finotive Group. They’re based in Budapest, Hungary, and they’ve been around since April 2021. Their focus is on helping traders by providing them with a unique and responsible approach to funding. This means they give traders the chance to manage trading capital through different account options. This includes instant funding and various Challenge models.

Instant Funding Program and Evaluation Process

Finotive Funding offers Instant Funding Accounts program that lets traders get immediate capital without having to complete a challenge. It’s a pretty bold move, designed to support traders with different styles and risk tolerance levels. You’ve got a range of account options to choose from, suitable for both newbies and seasoned pros. The evaluation process to ensure the funded traders meet the necessary criteria for responsible and profitable trading.

Profit Split and Responsible Trading

Responsibility is a big deal for Finotive Funding. They want traders to be responsible in their approach. The platform sets up some rules, like mandatory stop loss and daily drawdown limits, to make sure things stay within reasonable bounds.

They’ve got this profit split model that lets traders share up to 55% of their profits. It’s like Finotive Funding saying, “We’re in this together to help you succeed financially.”

Finotive Funding isn’t just your typical trading platform – it’s a supportive partner for traders. They’re all about providing opportunities, ensuring responsible trading, and giving traders a little extra through promo codes and discounts.

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