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By GI Team

Join the FundedNext Discord Channel

Are you ready to take your Forex trading to the next level? Picture being part of a lively community where you learn, share strategies, and engage with fellow traders. That’s exactly what FundedNext offers through its Discord community.

FundedNext, launched in March 2022, has become a notable prop trading firm. Offering capital to traders, with the potential to receive up to $4 million. FundedNext excels in customer service and prioritizes social responsibility. Making it more than a trading platform – it’s a supportive and thriving community.

FundedNext Discord Channel

Explore the advantages of the FundedNext Discord channel! This helpful feature gives the community a dedicated space for discussing specific FundedNext topics. creating a more interactive and informed trading environment. Join now and be part of the conversation!

About FundedNext

FundedNext prioritizes disciplined and risk-aware individuals, aiming to help traders succeed in the long term. The scaling plan provides significant opportunities, with a cap of $4,000,000. Traders can enjoy profit splits from 60% to 90%, depending on their chosen program. Trading assets like forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

Established in March 2022, FundedNext is a prop trading firm that offers funding for forex traders. They aim to financially empower traders through programs like the Evaluation Model and Express Model, supporting their journey to success. With multiple locations, FundedNext encourages disciplined trading and effective risk management.

FundedNext provides traders with program options:

  • Two-step Stellar Challenge Model
  • One-step Stellar Challenge Model
  • Evaluation Model
  • Express Model
  • Consistency Express Model
  • Non-consistency Express Model

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