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FXIFY Review (10% Discount Code: INVEST)

FXIFY prop firm is a groundbreaking platform enabling traders to operate with accounts ranging from $15k to $400k, with the potential to scale up to $4 million in capital. Distinguished from traditional brokerages, FXIFY offers a comprehensive suite of forex trading features within a proprietary firm. With lightning-fast payouts processed within 24 hours and adaptable account structures, traders can personalize their experience. There are no rigid consistency rules, and a range of add-ons are available to empower traders with the tools necessary for success in proprietary account trading.
The Good and Bad about FXIFY



FXIFY prop firm is groundbreaking and innovative trading platform, FXIFY, within the prop firm market through this comprehensive review article. Delve into the intricacies of FXIFY’s diverse funding accounts, highlighting their array of features and uncovering what sets FXIFY apart from its competitors.

As you navigate through this article until the end, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of FXIFY prop firm. Discover its unique features and funding account options, empowering you with the insights needed to determine if FXIFY is the ideal platform to fulfill your trading requirements.

Who are FXIFY ?

FXIFY prop firm is an online funding platform operating as a proprietary trading firm. Its core function involves providing funding to traders, enabling them to engage in trading various financial instruments such as Forex, stocks, commodities, Crypto, and indices. Established with the goal of delivering a distinct trading experience, FXIFY prop firm stands out among other proprietary trading firms.

Understanding the diversity in traders’ styles and preferences, FXIFY prop firm has crafted offers allowing traders to personalize their trading experience and tailor their account structures. One of their standout offerings includes rapid payouts, enabling traders to request withdrawals immediately after closing their first profitable trade on a funded account. These payouts, facilitated through Deel payment solutions, are swiftly processed within 24 hours, setting FXIFY apart from its counterparts.

This feature ensures traders receive their initial sign-up fee promptly upon their first profitable trade, affording them the choice to continue trading or withdraw at their discretion. This unique aspect contrasts sharply with other prop firms, where traders typically endure waiting periods ranging from 2 weeks to 30 days before accessing their profits.


The FXIFY team comprises seasoned professionals: David Bhidey, Peter Brown, and Robert Winters, boasting a combined experience of over 30 years in trading and brokerage. Established in March 2023, FXIFY prop firm is officially registered in London, United Kingdom, operating under the name FXIFY Solutions Limited, with the registration number 14451720.

Benefiting from the support of FXPIG, a well-regarded Forex broker entrenched in the retail financial markets for 13 years, FXIFY enjoys a solid backing. FXPIG has a history of serving as a broker for one of the largest prop firms in the industry. With stellar customer ratings, numerous payout validations, and a solid foundation, FXIFY stands as a legitimate and reputable proprietary trading firm.

FXIFY Owner and Registration.

As previously mentioned, FXIFY prop firm offers traders access to funded accounts, enabling them to engage in a diverse array of markets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and Forex pairs, encompassing over 300 trading instruments. With an extensive selection of more than 15 payout options available via Deel, FXIFY caters to the preferences of a wide range of traders.

Tailoring its offerings to accommodate traders of varying experience levels, FXIFY prop firm provides different types of accounts suitable for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

FXIFY prop firm operates through either a one-phase evaluation process or a two-phase challenge, allowing traders to showcase their trading skills. Upon successful completion of the challenge, FXIFY prop firm grants access to a funded account, offering the potential to generate profits beyond what’s typically achievable through a brokerage.

One of the appealing aspects of FXIFY prop firm is its flexibility, allowing traders to customize their trading accounts to align with their unique trading styles. For instance, during the evaluation phase, traders can adjust account leverage, enabling them to trade at their preferred pace. This level of customization extends to choosing payout periods, enjoying unlimited trading days, and accessing either the FXIFY MT4 or MT5 trading platforms.

FXIFY Customizable Account and Features

FXIFY’s spreads: remain highly competitive compared to counterparts within the prop firm landscape, offering traders the choice between raw spreads or commission-free, all-inclusive pricing feeds. This flexibility underscores the firm’s commitment to ensuring trader satisfaction and account growth, exemplifying their dedication to trader success.

Regarding profit sharing: FXIFY prop firm provides a profit split of up to 90% when traders make profits. The account add-ons offer the flexibility to customize accounts, influencing the potential profit split. Notably, the payout process is exceptionally swift, enabling traders to make their first profit and withdraw it on the very first day of trading a funded account.

Leverage options: at FXIFY are designed with traders in mind, offering customization up to 50:1 based on individual preferences. The standard account provides 30:1 leverage, while traders with a more aggressive approach can opt for 50:1 leverage, facilitating faster profit scaling for experienced traders.

FXIFY’s scaling plan: stands out, allowing traders the opportunity to grow their account balance up to $4,000,000 in capital, marking it as one of the most generous prop firms available.

The customizable features of FXIFY accounts empower traders with various options, such as unlimited trading days, an enhanced profit split from 75% to 90%, and the ability to alter the payment structure from monthly to bi-weekly payments. These features aim to cater to diverse trader needs and preferences, fostering an environment conducive to individual trading strategies and goals.

FXIFY Trading Models.

The FXIFY prop firm stands out with its cost-effective challenge programs, offering two transparent trading models: the 1-phase and 2-phase models. These programs are characterized by clear rules and no hidden conditions, allowing traders to choose based on their preferences.

When choosing the appropriate account type, traders decide between expediting their journey through the one-phase evaluation or opting for the two-phase program, which offers a bit more flexibility in trading.

Upon signing up, traders commit to adhering to FXIFY’s trading regulations, including a 5% daily loss limit and specified maximum drawdowns. The firm also provides a profit split of up to 90% and offers the option of 50:1 leverage if preferred.

FXIFY’s proprietary firm levies a one-time fee for each account type, whether it’s the 1-phase or 2-phase evaluation program. The fee ranges from $99 for a $15,000 account to $1,999 for a $400,000 account. Similar to other firms, this fee is refundable, ensuring traders receive a full reimbursement of the assessment fee plus an additional 25% after successfully passing the evaluation, reaching the prescribed profit target, and making their initial withdrawal.

FXIFY 1 Phase Challenge

Geared toward seasoned traders aiming for rapid capital growth, the FXIFY 1-phase challenge program enables access to capital upon meeting specified trading objectives in a single assessment.

Priced at a one-time fee ranging from $99 to $1,999, traders can engage with account balances spanning $15,000 to $400,000. The 1-phase challenge accounts are equipped with a 5% daily drawdown limit, an overall trailing drawdown limit of 6%, a minimum trading period of 5 days, and a 10% profit target.

FXIFY 2 Phase Challenge

The FXIFY 2-phase challenge program caters to traders showcasing consistent discipline across two assessments. Upon meeting the objectives in the initial challenge, a subsequent assessment phase is undertaken before traders gain access to a funded account.

Traders engaging in the 2-phase challenge can access capital ranging from $15,000 to $400,000, subject to a one-time fee ranging from $99 to $1,999. This program entails a 5% daily drawdown limit, a maximum drawdown set at 10%, a minimum trading period of 5 days, and a 10% profit target.

Completion of either challenge program mandates reaching a 10% profit target within a timeframe of 30 days or an unlimited duration. Upon successfully hitting this target, traders gain access to their funded trading capital. Once the evaluation type is chosen, traders can customize their accounts to align with their objectives and trading style. This customization includes options to adjust leverage, determine profit splits, and set payout schedules according to individual preferences.

FXIFY Account Sizes and Fee

FXIFY prop firm boasts a diverse array of account types tailored to accommodate various trading styles and preferences. Catering to novice traders, they provide accounts starting from $15,000 capital, extending up to $50,000. For experienced traders, the prop firm presents an affordable option with a $100,000 challenge account, while catering to expert traders with accounts reaching up to $400,000.

FXIFY 1 Phase Account Sizes and Fee.

Account Size














FXIFY 2 Phase Account Sizes and Fee.

Account Size















The FXIFY trading rules governing funded accounts mirror those of the Assessment accounts, differing mainly in the parameters and drawdown regulations for phase 1 and phase 2 programs. However, in a Funded account, there isn’t a specific profit target to achieve.

FXIFY One Phase Rules: Within all FXIFY 1-phase challenge programs, traders encounter a 10% profit target, a 5% daily drawdown limit, a 6% maximum drawdown, a minimum of 5 trading days, a maximum of 30 trading days (with unlimited days available), a profit split ranging from 75% to 90%, leverage up to 50:1, and a one-time refundable fee.

FXIFY Two Phase Rules: The FXIFY 2-phase challenge program sets a 10% profit target for the first step of the assessment and a 5% profit target for the subsequent step, coupled with a 5% daily loss limit, a 10% maximum drawdown, a minimum of 5 trading days, 30 trading days for step 1, 60 trading days for step 2 (with unlimited days available), up to a 90% profit split, leverage up to 50:1, and a one-time refundable fee.

Drawdown Type: Notably, the drawdown type differs between the 1-phase and 2-phase challenge accounts. In the 1-phase challenge, the drawdown type is trailing, meaning it increases as the account equity rises until the trader reaches a 6% profit, after which it becomes static. Conversely, in the 2-phase challenge, the drawdown type is static, initially fixed at the starting balance and doesn’t increase even if the account equity rises.

FXIFY Payouts and Withdrawal

FXIFY’s payout system is highly appealing, offering traders a profit split of up to 90%. Once traders generate profits through their funded accounts, they can promptly request payouts. These withdrawals are facilitated via Deel payment solutions, enabling swift processing within a remarkable 24-hour timeframe. This places FXIFY among the fastest payout prop firms within the industry.

To provide transparency and validation, FXIFY prop firm shares proof of their payouts on the FXIFY discord channel. This accessible platform allows everyone to review and confirm the payout proofs, offering transparency and assurance to traders.

FXIFY Trading Platform and Interface

FXIFY prop firm prides itself on a powerful and visually striking interface that’s immediately evident upon navigating their website. Their platform’s aesthetic design is purposeful, aiming for accessibility and ease to empower traders for success.

Offering flexibility, FXIFY proprietary firm allows traders to select between FXIFY MT 4 and FXIFY MT 5, catering to individual preferences for a comfortable trading experience. Additionally, their trading dashboard boasts advanced analytics, enabling traders to meticulously monitor their performance and account statistics.

The dashboard serves as a pivotal tool, facilitating the identification of improvement areas and recognizing patterns to enhance consistency and overall trading performance. It’s a comprehensive hub designed to provide traders with all necessary tools and information, centralized for convenience.

Moreover, the dashboard encompasses advanced account metrics, a detailed trade journal, exclusive trader discounts, a trader leaderboard, and comprehensive analysis specifically tailored for challenge accounts. This inclusive suite of features is geared toward empowering traders with insights and tools crucial throughout their trading journey.

FXIFY Traders Feedback

FXIFY prop firm boasts an impressive Trustpilot presence with a stellar 4.5-star rating from 725 users. Notably, 83% of these ratings are glowing 5-star reviews, underscoring high satisfaction, while merely 7% have given a 1-star rating.

Praiseworthy aspects highlighted by users include the firm’s outstanding customer support, an intuitive user interface, fair trading rules, cost-effective challenge programs, and a state-of-the-art platform.

However, a small number of traders, around 5, have expressed dissatisfaction, primarily citing concerns regarding customer support. Additionally, one user reported trade issues where trades didn’t close at their take-profit points but were closed when they reached stop-loss levels.


The FXIFY review depicts the prop firm as one of the premier choices among its counterparts, lauded for its innovative features and exceptional offerings that set it apart. A standout feature is the ability for traders to withdraw as little as $10 in profit from their account, available from the outset of trading a funded account.

One particularly appealing aspect is the affordability of FXIFY’s challenge programs. They offer a $15,000 account for only $99, and their $100,000 challenge program is notably inexpensive at just $475. This means access to a $100,000 challenge account with unlimited trading days can be obtained for less than $500. Additionally, using FXIFY discount codes such as SOCIAL20 & AUG15 grants traders a 20% or 15% extra saving on fees upon signing up for the FXIFY prop firm challenge.

When considering these impressive features alongside the user-friendly interface and cutting-edge analytics tools, it becomes evident that FXIFY prop firm is a truly distinctive trading platform. It offers an array of advantages and unique features, providing traders with an exceptional and unparalleled trading experience.

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