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SmartPropTrader Coupon Code and Review (10% Discount Code: SHINY)

Smart Prop Trader's evaluation program serves as the gateway for traders to access live-funded accounts and the opportunity to earn profit splits. To ensure that only disciplined and talented traders are considered for funding, the firm has established a specific set of rules that must be adhered to throughout the evaluation process. These rules assess traders' skills and discipline in various market conditions.

The Good and Bad about Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader is committed to helping traders achieve success in their careers by providing them with favorable opportunities and expert guidance. Their team of professionals boasts extensive experience in the trading industry, with a collective track record spanning over a decade. This wealth of experience positions them to offer valuable support and mentorship to traders seeking to thrive in the financial markets.



Smart Prop Trader is dedicated to fostering the success of traders and providing them with exceptional opportunities and guidance. Their team of seasoned professionals brings more than a decade of experience in the trading industry to the table. Over the years, they have honed their expertise, allowing them to establish industry-leading practices and offers, which they are now extending to traders worldwide. Smart Prop Trader ensures that traders operate in an environment characterized by optimal trading conditions, and they have the potential to earn profit splits of up to 90%.

Who Is Smart Prop Trader?

Smart Prop Trader is a proprietary trading firm that extends an opportunity to traders with limited capital. Traders have the potential to operate with a capital allocation of $400,000, allowing them to earn profit splits of up to 90%. Furthermore, traders have the option to scale their account balance. The company was established in July 2022 and has formed a partnership with Eightcap, providing traders access to favorable trading conditions. Smart Prop Trader’s offices are situated in Austin, Texas 78701, United States.

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Smart Prop Trader Evaluation Program Accounts

Smart Prop Trader provides traders with a selection of five two-step evaluation program account sizes to choose from.

Evaluation Program Overview

The Smart Prop Trader evaluation program account is designed to recognize talented and disciplined traders who demonstrate consistency throughout the two-phase evaluation period. Traders in this program have the opportunity to trade with leverage of up to 1:100.

In the Smart Prop Trader evaluation program, the first phase necessitates traders to achieve a profit target of 7% while staying within the limits of a 4% maximum daily loss or 8% maximum loss. There’s no specific time frame for reaching this profit target, and there are no minimum trading day requirements to progress to phase two.

The second phase of evaluation requires traders to attain a profit target of 5% while adhering to the same 4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss restrictions. Similar to phase one, there are no minimum trading day requirements during this phase to advance to a live-funded account.

Upon completing both evaluation phases, traders receive a funded account without profit targets, although there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $100. The primary requirement is to adhere to the 4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss rules. The initial payout is scheduled for 12 calendar days from the date of placing the first position on the funded account. Subsequent payouts occur on a bi-weekly basis. Profit splits range from 85% to 90% depending on the profit generated in the funded account. Additionally, traders can change their profit split day up to three times to align with their preferences for withdrawal.

Evaluation program account scaling plan

The scaling plan for Smart Prop Trader’s evaluation program accounts is designed to reward continuous profitability over each 3 months. Traders who maintain consistent profitability will receive an account increase equal to 25% of their original account balance. Additionally, the maximum loss limit for challenge account will be raised by 2% every 3 months once the account balance is scaled up to 28%.

Here’s an example to illustrate the scaling process:

  • After 3 months: If you initially had a $200,000 account, your account balance will increase to $250,000.
  • After the next 3 months: The balance of $250,000 increases to $300,000.
  • Following another 3 months: The balance of $300,000 increases to $350,000.
  • This progression continues.

Smart Prop Trader’s evaluation platform and the program 50k to 100k accounts provide traders with the opportunity to trade a variety of instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, equity, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Receiving Capital & Realism

  1. Profit Target: In phase 1, traders must achieve a profit target of 7%, while phase 2 has a profit target of 5%. Funded accounts have no profit targets.

smartproptrader coupon code profit target

  1. Maximum Daily Loss: The maximum daily loss is capped at 4% for all account sizes. This limit helps control daily trading losses.

smart prop trader coupon code

  1. Maximum Loss: The maximum loss a trader can incur overall is set at 8%. It’s important to note that this maximum loss limit is scalable and can increase up to 28% as traders successfully scale their accounts.

  2. No Martingale Allowed: Traders are prohibited from using any martingale strategies while trading. Martingale strategies involve increasing the size of trading positions after a losing trade.

  3. Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: If traders intend to use copy trading services from third parties, they should be aware that others may be using the same strategy. Exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule when using third-party copy trading services may impact the ability to access a funded account or withdraw funds.

  4. Third-Party EA Risk: Using third-party Expert Advisors (EAs) carries a similar risk. If multiple traders are using the same EA and exceed the maximum capital allocation rule, it may affect the ability to access a funded account or withdraw funds.

These rules are in place to make users maintain responsible and disciplined trading practices while participating in Smart Prop Trader’s various trader evaluation program accounts.

Suitability Assessment

Assessing the suitability of proprietary trading firms for your forex trading style involves evaluating the realism of other firms and their trading requirements. A firm may offer attractive profit splits, but if the trading conditions are too demanding, success may be elusive.

Receiving capital from Smart Prop Trader’s evaluation program accounts is considered realistic, primarily because they have reasonable profit targets (7% in phase one and 5% in phase two) and moderately conservative maximum loss rules (4% maximum daily and 8% maximum loss).

When choosing a smart prop trader or trading firm, it’s essential to align their trading objectives and conditions with your trading style and capabilities. Smart Prop Trader’s evaluation program accounts provide a balanced approach that can appeal to traders seeking a realistic path to funding.

Smart Prop Trader allows traders to create and trade with a balance of up to $2,500,000 per account using Eightcap, an ASIC-regulated broker based in Melbourne, Australia, as their broker.

Payment Proof & Process

Smart Prop Trader, established in July 2022, is a relatively new player in the world of proprietary trading. Despite its recent inception, evidence of successful funding can be found through payment proofs shared by traders who the firm has funded. This substantiates their commitment to providing opportunities for traders to access capital and earn profit splits. Such proof can often be found in reviews and feedback from the Smart Prop Trader community on platforms like Trustpilot.

Smart Prop Trader operates with a payout process that initiates 12 days after the first trade is placed on your Funded Trader account. Traders can look forward to a significant 85% profit split, a favorable arrangement. Payouts are expedited on the same day or week that they are processed, ensuring that traders receive their earnings promptly.

Notably, if traders opt not to withdraw their profits within 14 days, they have the option to continue trading on their account until the next profit split occurs. This feature ensures flexibility in managing earnings and trading activities. It’s important to keep in mind that if you don’t have any profits at the time of withdrawal, your trading period will be automatically extended.

Furthermore, Smart Prop Trader offers a unique advantage by allowing traders to select their own profit split day, and this can be done up to three times. This flexibility ensures that traders receive their withdrawals on their preferred and most convenient schedule.

smart prop trader payout

Trader Feedback

Furthermore, another frequently praised aspect of their proprietary trading firm is their highly competitive spreads, often noted as superior when compared to other leading industry prop firms. Additionally, their pricing structure is a topic of mention, as they provide account sizes of up to $200k at reasonable rates, free from any form of hidden or extra fees.

Furthermore, another frequently praised aspect of their proprietary trading firm is their highly competitive spreads, often noted as superior when compared to other leading industry prop firms. Additionally, their pricing structure is a topic of mention, as they provide account sizes of up to $200k at reasonable rates, free from any hidden or extra fees.

Support & Contact Information

Smart Prop Trader offers a FAQ page that may contain the information you’re seeking. If you can’t find the details on what you need there, don’t hesitate to reach out to their support team or become a member of their Discord channel.

smart prop trader discord

Their support team is accessible through various channels, including social media, live chat, and email. They value their customer experience. They have two active email addresses:

Smart Prop Trader’s business hours for customer support and sales are as follows:

How To Apply SmartPropTrader Promo Code?

To apply a Smart Prop Trader promo code discount code here, follow these steps:

1. Sign Up or Log In: If you don’t have an account, register or sign up on the Smart Prop Trader website. If you already have an account, log in and type in your password. You will be directed to the login page.

Sign up page

2. Start Your Challenge: Click on the “Start Challenge” button to begin the challenge process.

client area

3. Fill Out Information: Enter your preferred account balance, trading platform, provider, account type, and any add-ons you wish to purchase or include. Provide your billing information as well.

Purchase-Challenge-SmartProp-Trader (1)

4. Apply Discount Code: Scroll down to find the discount code box. Type in “SHINY” to receive a 10% discount. Click on “Verify” to apply the discount code.

smart prop trader coupon code

5. Check Terms and Conditions: Make sure to review the terms and conditions and the purchase and refund policy.

terms and conditions

6. Confirm and Proceed to Payment: After verifying the validity of your discount codes and code and agreeing to the terms and conditions, confirm your details and proceed to payment.

By following these simple steps above, you can enjoy your first time discount and start your trading challenge with Smart Prop Trader.

Benefits of Using SmartPropTrader Discount Codes

1. Cost Savings

The most apparent benefit of using a SmartPropTrader discount code is the cost savings. By reducing the fees associated with opening and maintaining a trading account, traders can allocate more of their capital towards actual trading activities. This is particularly beneficial for those who are just starting and may have limited funds.

2. Access to Premium Features

Discount codes often unlock access to premium features and services that might otherwise be out of reach for some traders. This can include advanced trading tools, educational resources, and personalized support from the SmartPropTrader team.

3. Increased Profit Potential

With reduced costs and access to better trading tools, traders can enhance their overall profit potential. The capital saved from discounts can be reinvested into trading strategies, allowing for more significant gains over time.

4. Exclusive Promotions

SmartPropTrader frequently offers exclusive promotions and sales to those who use discount codes. These promotions can include additional discounts, bonus trading capital, and other valuable incentives.

How to Get Smart Prop Trader Coupons?

Smart Prop Trader regularly offers coupon codes, sales and other price discounts to help traders get started. Here are the main ways to find and take advantage of their promotions:

  1. Check the Smart Prop Trader Website:

Promo Page: Smart Prop Trader often has a link to a dedicated page on their website highlighting their current promotions and discounts. Look for links or banners related to “Discounts,” “Promo Codes,” or “Special Offers.”

Blog/News Section: Keep an eye on their blog or news section for announcements about new promotions or limited-time offers.

  1. Follow Smart Prop Trader on Social Media:

smart prop trader social media

YouTube: Subscribe to their YouTube channel for free video updates on discounts, coupon codes, and trading challenges.

Twitter and Instagram: Follow their social media accounts for real-time announcements about future special offers and giveaways. They may also share exclusive promo code codes for their followers.

  1. Join the Smart Prop Trader Discord Community:

Engage with the Community: Their Discord server is a great place to connect with other traders and get the latest news on promotions and price discounts. Participate in discussions and stay active to increase your chances of finding hidden gems.

  1. Third-Party Websites:

Some websites specialize in aggregating prop firm purchase discounts and coupon codes like Guestinvest. Search for “Smart Prop Trader coupons” or “Smart Prop Trader discounts” to find these resources.


Smart Prop Trader is a reputable proprietary trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to select from five different two-step evaluation program account sizes.

The evaluation programs consist of a standard two-phase evaluation process, requiring traders to complete both phases before becoming funded and eligible to earn profit splits. Smart Prop Trader sets realistic profit targets of 7% in phase one and 5% in phase two. These targets are achievable, especially considering the 4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss rules in place. Traders can earn profit splits ranging from 85% to 90% and have the option to scale their accounts.

I would highly recommend Smart Prop Trader to traders seeking a proprietary trading firm with transparent and manageable trading rules. They are a well-established firm offering favorable conditions for a wide range of traders with diverse trading styles. After thorough consideration of Smart Prop Trader’s offerings, they emerge as a compelling choice today within the proprietary trading industry.

Other advantages they have is offering a 5% Discount Code (SHINY) for their new traders. This coupon code is valid and doesn’t have an expiry date, so don’t miss this out.

If you found this Smart Prop Trader Review to be informative, you can visit their website here.

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