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Surge Trader vs The Funded Trader One-Step Funding: A Detailed Comparison

In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive one-step comparison between SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader, providing an overview of the key aspects and offerings of these two proprietary trading firms.

By GI Team

SurgeTrader vs The Funded Trader

In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison, focusing on the one-step evaluation programs, between SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader. Our aim is to provide insights into these two proprietary trading firms, their offerings, and their suitability for forex traders around the world.

Company Details


The Funded Trader

Incorporation date

September 2021

May 2021

Office Location

Naples, Florida

Liberty Hill, Texas

Maximum Allocation Capital



SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader are two reputable and dependable proprietary trading firms. SurgeTrader was established in September 2021, whereas The Funded Trader began its operations in May 2021. The leadership of these firms is as follows: Jana Seaman is the CEO of SurgeTrader, while Angelo Ciaramello is at the helm of The Funded Trader. SurgeTrader is headquartered in Naples, Florida, while The Funded Trader’s headquarters is in Liberty Hill, Texas. In terms of maximum allocation capital, SurgeTrader offers funding of up to $1,000,000, while The Funded Trader allows traders to manage up to $600,000 in one-step evaluation accounts. It’s worth noting that both firms offer scaling plans to accommodate traders’ needs and growth.

Funding Program Options


The Funded Trader

One-step Evaluation

Two-step Evaluation


SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader provide funding programs for forex traders on a global scale. SurgeTrader offers a one-step evaluation program. In contrast, The Funded Trader provides traders with a one-step evaluation as well as the option of three two-step evaluations.

Now, let’s delve into a comparison of these one-step evaluation programs.

One-step Comparison:

Trading Rules/Objectives


The Funded Trader

Profit Target



Daily Drawdown



Overall Drawdown

8% (Trailing)

6% (Trailing)


1:10 up to 1:20


Minimum Trading Days

No limit

No limit

Trading Period

No Limit

No Limit

Profit Split

75% up to 90%

80% up to 90%

Now that we have discussed the rules and guidelines of the instant funding programs, let’s delve deeper into the pricing details.

Account Size


The Funded Trader


















Trading Instruments

Another crucial aspect to consider when comparing proprietary trading firms is the range of trading instruments they offer. Below, we outline the trading instruments available for trading with both SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader

Trading Instrument


The Funded Trader

Forex pairs





Crypto Indices

Community Feedback

Community feedback plays a significant role in assessing the reputation and reliability of proprietary trading firms. In this comparison, we will examine feedback from Trustpilot to gauge the experiences and opinions of users regarding both SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader

Trustpilot Statistics


The Funded Trader




Number of Reviews



SurgeTrader boasts a rating of 4.6/5 based on 899 reviews, whereas The Funded Trader has a rating of 4.5/5 from 13,804 reviews. These statistics clearly indicate that The Funded Trader currently holds a higher level of popularity among proprietary trading firms.


In conclusion, SurgeTrader and The Funded Trader both offer valuable options for proprietary trading, each with its own set of strengths and areas of focus. There are differences in their trading rules, pricing structures, and community feedback. SurgeTrader primarily provides a one-step evaluation, while The Funded Trader offers a one-step evaluation along with the flexibility of three two-step evaluations.

For those interested in either of these firms, we have provided discount codes for your benefit:

Choose the one that aligns best with your trading preferences and goals.

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