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Bespoke Funding Pass Rate Statistics: How Many Traders Successfully Passed?

Bespoke Funding's most recent Pass Rate Statistics indicate a substantial number of traders successfully achieving their goals.

By GI Team

Bespoke Funding Pass Rate Statistics- How Many Passed?

Bespoke Funding recently shared their impressive pass rate statistics, showcasing a substantial number of traders who have successfully overcome challenges and advanced in their trading careers.

Bespoke Funding Pass Rate Statistics

Bespoke Funding proudly reports a noteworthy achievement in their pass rate statistics. A significant 29.4% of their traders have successfully completed both Phase 1 and Phase 2, marking a significant milestone in their trading journey. This achievement not only showcases their trading skills but also emphasizes the dedication and determination exhibited by these traders throughout their association with Bespoke Funding.

Furthermore, an impressive 11.7% of Bespoke Funding’s traders have achieved the status of virtually funded BFP traders, granting them the opportunity to trade using the firm’s capital. This accomplishment signifies a major turning point in their prop trading careers, opening doors to new opportunities and growth.

These remarkable pass rates are a testament to Bespoke Funding’s commitment to supporting and nurturing trading talent within its community. The firm’s dedication to providing a conducive environment for trader growth has evidently yielded positive results.

These achievements underscore Bespoke Funding’s mission to empower traders and help them reach new heights in the dynamic world of trading. It is clear that this prop trading firm is focused on assisting traders in realizing their goals and aspirations in the financial markets.

About Bespoke Funding

Bespoke Funding, established on the 26th of September, 2022, is a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with two distinct funding programs: the Classic and the Rapid two-step evaluation programs. With their headquarters situated in London, they offer traders the opportunity to manage account sizes of up to $400,000 and profit splits of up to 80%.

To enjoy a 10% discount, you can utilize our exclusive Discount Code: SHINY10, or access a detailed review of their offerings.

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