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Best 3 Prop Trading Firms With 1-Step Evaluation

Today we are presenting the best 3 proprietary trading firms that are offering a 1-step evaluation challenge.

By GI Team

The best 3 prop trading firms with 1-step evaluations for simplified assessments and quick entry.

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus offers a one-phase challenge that traders can complete either manually or with the assistance of an EA. To qualify for funding, traders must achieve a profit target of 10% without exceeding the daily loss limit of 2.5% and a total drawdown of 5%. Once you become a funded trader, you’ll enjoy profit splits starting at 80%, which can increase to 90% as you progress.

Make sure to use the discount code “FT10” for a 10% price reduction.


SurgeTrader is another proprietary trading firm that provides a one-phase evaluation challenge. They offer a range of six account sizes, starting from $25,000 and going up to $1,000,000, all available for a one-time fee. To qualify for funding, traders must achieve a 10% profit target while staying within the daily loss limit of 4% and a maximum trailing drawdown of 5%. Once you successfully meet these requirements, you’ll receive 75% profit splits on your earnings.

To enjoy a 10% discount, make sure to use the discount code “SHINY.”


FundedNext offers traders a straightforward one-phase evaluation program with a unique twist. Traders can select from different account sizes to suit their preferences. To qualify for funding, you must reach a 10% profit target without exceeding the 2.5% daily loss limit and 5% maximum drawdown. Once funded, you’ll enjoy 80% profit splits, which can increase to 90% over time.

For a 10% discount, use the code “SHINY10” when signing up with FundedNext.

You can find comprehensive reviews for the proprietary trading firms mentioned above and many more by clicking here.

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