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FundedNext vs Blue Guardian Two-Step Funding: A Detailed Comparison

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive two-step comparison between FundedNext and Blue Guardian. We will thoroughly evaluate and compare the offerings of these two proprietary trading firms, helping traders make informed decisions about their choices.

By GI Team

FundedNext vs Blue Guardian

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive two-step comparison between FundedNext and Blue Guardian, analyzing these two proprietary trading firms’ offerings for forex traders on a global scale.

Company Details


Blue Guardian

Incorporation date

March 2022

September 2021

Office Location

UAE, USA, UK, Bangladesh

West Midlands, UK

Maximum Allocation Capital



FundedNext and Blue Guardian are both reputable and dependable proprietary trading firms. FundedNext was established in March 2022, whereas Blue Guardian began its operations in September 2021. In terms of leadership, Abdullah Jayed serves as the CEO of FundedNext, while Blue Guardian is under the leadership of Sean Bainton. FundedNext maintains offices in various locations, including the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh, whereas Blue Guardian’s headquarters is situated in West Midlands, UK. Regarding the maximum allocation capital, FundedNext allows traders to manage $300k two-step evaluation accounts, while Blue Guardian offers funding opportunities of up to $400k. It’s worth noting that both firms have a scaling plan in place.

Funding Program Options


Blue Guardian

One-step Evaluation

Two-step Evaluation

FundedNext and Blue Guardian provide a range of funding programs to forex traders on a global scale. FundedNext presents traders with the option of two one-step evaluations and two two-step evaluations. In contrast, Blue Guardian offers two two-step evaluations and a one-step evaluation. Now, let’s delve into a comparison of the two-step evaluation programs.

Two-step Comparison:

Now that we have discussed the rules and guidelines of the instant funding programs, let’s delve deeper into the pricing details.

Trading Instruments

When it comes to proprietary trading firms, an essential consideration is the range of trading instruments available. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the trading instruments accessible for trading with FundedNext and Blue Guardian.

Trading Instrument


Blue Guardian

Forex pairs




Community Feedback

Let’s now delve into the final aspect of our comparison, which is community feedback. We’ll examine the feedback from Trustpilot for both FundedNext and Blue Guardian, giving you insights into the experiences of traders who have interacted with these proprietary trading firms.

Trustpilot Statistics


Blue Guardian




Number of Reviews



FundedNext boasts a rating of 4.7/5 from a substantial pool of 7,127 reviews. In contrast, Blue Guardian commands an impressive rating of 4.8/5, garnered from a respectable 643 reviews. Analyzing these statistics reveals that, presently, FundedNext holds a stronger position in terms of popularity among proprietary trading firms.


In summary, both FundedNext and Blue Guardian present compelling options for proprietary trading firms, catering to a wide range of traders. Notable distinctions include variations in trading rules, pricing structures, and community feedback. Additionally, the diversity in funding program offerings sets them apart, with FundedNext providing four options—two one-step evaluations and two two-step evaluations, while Blue Guardian offers two two-step evaluations and one one-step evaluation. To conclude, we provide exclusive discount codes for both firms:

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