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MyFundedFX CEO: Get to Know Matthew Leech

This blog post peels back the layers to reveal Matt's background, how MyFundedFX started, and some insights from Matt himself.

By GI Team

MyFundedFX CEO Get to Know Matthew Leech

In the world of trading, MyFundedFX is making waves, and at the helm is Matt, the CEO with a clear vision. This blog post peels back the layers to reveal Matt’s background, how MyFundedFX started, and some insights from Matt himself.

MyFundedFX CEO Matthew Leech

Meet MyFundedFX CEO Matt: A Forward-Thinking Leader

Leading MyFundedFX is Matt, a guy with a strategic mindset. He got into trading by wanting to bring together different aspects of the business. His goal was simple: take charge of essential elements in trading, from selling indicators and courses to creating copy trading software and setting up a prop firm.

How MyFundedFX Came to Be

MyFundedFX didn’t happen overnight. It grew out of Matt’s efforts to blend different parts of the trading world. The mix of basic education, prop firm activities, and copy trading laid the foundation for the MyFundedFX brand. The aim? To create a one-stop-shop for all things trading.

Insights into Prop Trading

The prop firm under MyFundedFX is quite sophisticated. They use smart computer programs to look at how traders do their thing. Matt spills the beans on how they spot different trading strategies, like Martingale, grid trading, and leveraged trading. They also look at important things like risk and leverage to figure out if a trader is trustworthy. Matt also talks about the risks and rewards when traders copy each other.

MyFundedFX’s Recent Growth

Lately, MyFundedFX has been on the upswing, thanks in part to a solid social media strategy, especially on Twitter. Matt notes a big jump in Discord members, with 4,000 new members in the last month alone. The brand’s shout-outs on Twitter not only doubled website traffic but also got noticed by other Discord groups. Looking ahead, MyFundedFX plans to spread its wings on platforms like YouTube.

Figuring Out Broker Changes

Matt digs into the details of brokerage, explaining the difference between firms with their own licenses and those using outside brokers. The recent switch in brokers was all about getting more control over things like spreads, leverage, and managing assets. MyFundedFX wants to make sure trading conditions are top-notch for its users.

Prop Firms: A Safer Option

Matt’s a fan of prop firms, seeing them as a safer choice compared to traditional forex brokers. Prop firms work kind of like forex brokers, but they take on the losses if traders mess up. Matt argues that this structure gives traders a better shot at success. With lower risks and similar capital requirements, prop firms are becoming a bigger deal in the trading world.

Spilling the Beans on Trader Strategies and Failures

Matt spills some honest truths about trader failures and common mistakes. On average, traders hit a rough patch within three to four days. Interestingly, ditching the minimum trading time rule doesn’t change failure rates much. Matt points out that traders often fail by getting too involved in news trading and going overboard with leverage. Only a small bunch of traders get to try again.

Learning from Past Experiences

In a down-to-earth moment, Matt shares his journey of trying out other funded companies before starting MyFundedFX. Taking lessons from the good and bad of those experiences, he’s made MyFundedFX better. Matt stays in touch with others in the industry to spot and stop any shady business, even though he sees himself as a smaller player compared to the big shots.

In a nutshell, Matt’s steering MyFundedFX with a smart vision, a drive for innovation, and a focus on creating a friendly trading space. As MyFundedFX keeps growing, guided by Matt’s insights, it’s becoming a notable name in the ever-changing world of trading.

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