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FTUK Review (Discount Code: SHINYSHACK)

FTUK believes that everyone deserves an opportunity, thereby making trading accessible to anyone aspiring to become a successful trader. As their clients master new trading skills and demonstrate their results, FTUK places increasing trust in them and scales their capital. It's important to note that FTUK supports traders worldwide, regardless of their level of experience.

The Good and Bad about FTUK

FTUK was established in February 2021 with the goal of enhancing the world of proprietary trading. Their aim is to provide improved services to profitable traders across the globe.



FTUK motivates its traders to achieve success in their trading careers. They provide opportunities to increase their profits by trading three accounts, each with a balance of up to $5,760,000, tripling the potential earnings. Traders can opt for either an instant funding program or an evaluation program. To secure funding through the evaluation program, traders need to pass FTUK’s 1-Phase Evaluation Process. Upon passing, traders have specific Profit Targets they must achieve to progressively scale up their account balances. Successful participants in this program enjoy 80% profit splits and a doubling of their account balances as rewards.

Who are FTUK ?

FTUK is a proprietary trading firm headquartered in London, UK. They provide traders with the opportunity to access up to three trading accounts, each with a substantial balance of $5,760,000. Their chosen broker is Eightcap. FTUK operates as a registered UK company under the name FTUK Ltd, with company registration number 13793849.

Funding program options

FTUK provides traders with the option to select from two distinct programs:

  • Evaluation program accounts
  • Instant funding program accounts

Evaluation Program

FTUK’s evaluation program account offers traders the flexibility to meet the evaluation requirements within an unlimited time frame, and they can trade with leverage up to 1:100. Traders also have the option to choose their account funding in USD, EUR, or GBP.

During the evaluation phase, traders need to reach a profit target of 10% while staying within the 6% maximum loss rule. There are no minimum trading day requirements, and traders must set a maximum stop loss risk per position at 2%.

Upon successfully completing the evaluation phase, traders receive a funded account with no specific profit targets. Instead, they are only required to adhere to the 6% maximum loss rule and maintain a maximum stop loss risk per position of 2%. Traders can request payouts from level two or higher at any time. Importantly, withdrawals do not impact the account’s growth, and there is no need for funded traders to reimburse the profit previously paid out to them. Traders are entitled to 80% profit splits based on their trading performance.

Evaluation Program Scaling Plan:

The evaluation program accounts at FTUK also offer a scaling plan, and you can refer to the provided spreadsheet for more details. To become eligible for scaling your account, the sole requirement is to achieve a profit target of 10%. You can scale up your account as soon as you reach this profit target. An important benefit is that your withdrawals do not hinder your account’s ability to scale up. Your account becomes eligible for scaling once your total profits reach the 10% profit target.

Here’s an example:

  • The profit target for this account type is 10%.
  • Week 1: You gain 4.2% and withdraw your profits.
  • Week 2: You gain 5.8% and withdraw your profits.
  • Your total profits have now reached 10%, making you eligible for a scale-up since you have achieved the 10% profit target.

The trading instruments available for the evaluation program account include forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Evaluation Account Rules:

  • Profit Target: This is a set percentage of profit that traders must achieve to complete an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or scale their account. For the evaluation phase, the profit target is 10%.

  • Maximum Loss: This is the maximum overall loss allowed before the account is violated. Regardless of the account size, the maximum loss is capped at 6%.

  • Stop-Loss Required: Traders are obligated to set a stop-loss on every position before opening a trade.

  • Stop-Loss Risk per Position: Traders must establish a specific percentage-based stop-loss for each position before opening a trade. A 2% stop-loss risk is mandated for each position.

  • Lot Size Consistency: This rule stipulates that traders should use similar lot sizes when opening positions. The specific percentage by which lot sizes can differ from each other is typically defined.

  • No Martingale Allowed: Traders are prohibited from using martingale strategies while trading. Martingale strategies involve increasing the size of a trade after experiencing losses.

  • Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: If traders intend to use third-party copy trading services, they should be aware that other traders may be using the same strategy. Using third-party copy trading services might put traders at risk of exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule, potentially resulting in denial of a funded account or withdrawal.

Evaluation Program Add-On Options:

Here are some add-on options available when purchasing your evaluation account with FTUK:

  • Unlock Scaling Level 8: You can increase your account’s purchase price by 10% to unlock scaling level 8.

  • No Mandatory Stop-Loss: For a 20% price increase, you can choose to forego the requirement of a mandatory stop-loss for your evaluation account.

  • Joining Fee Refund: Opting for this add-on comes with a 25% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account. It allows for a potential refund of the joining fee.

  • Evaluation Retake: This option, available for a 50% price increase, lets you retake the evaluation if needed.

You have the flexibility to choose one or multiple add-on options based on your personal preferences and trading strategies.

Instant Funding Program

FTUK’s instant funding program offers traders the opportunity to bypass the traditional evaluation phase and begin earning profits right from the start. Here are the program’s key features:

Traders enjoy an impressive 80% profit split based on their trading performance. This allows them to retain a substantial portion of their earnings.

With leverage of up to 1:100, traders can make the most of their trading strategies and capitalize on market opportunities.

Traders can select their preferred account funding currency, choosing from USD, EUR, or GBP.

The instant funding program is an excellent choice for experienced traders who are ready to dive into trading without the constraints of evaluation phases. It offers a swift entry into the world of proprietary trading, allowing traders to maximize their trading potential right away.

Instant Funding Program Scaling Plan:

The instant funding program accounts also feature a scaling plan to facilitate traders’ growth and account progression. Below are the key details of the scaling plan:

To become eligible for scaling your account, you need to achieve a profit target of 10%. Reaching this target opens the opportunity to scale your account further.

The positive aspect of the instant funding program is that your withdrawals won’t hinder your account’s scaling progress. Your account becomes eligible for scaling when your cumulative profits reach the 10% profit target.

Here’s an example to illustrate this process:

  • The profit target for this account type is set at 10%.
  • Week 1: You achieve a gain of 4.2% and decide to withdraw your profits.
  • Week 2: You earn an additional 5.8% and make another withdrawal.
  • By this point, your total profits have reached the 10% profit target, rendering you eligible for a scale-up.

The instant funding program offers traders the flexibility to trade a variety of instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This broad range of trading options allows traders to diversify their portfolios and seize opportunities across different financial markets.

Instant Funding Program Rules:

Profit target refers to a specific profit percentage that traders need to achieve before they can advance through evaluation phases, withdraw their earnings, or expand their trading account. In the context of the scaling plan, the profit target is set at 10%.

Maximum loss represents the highest allowable cumulative loss that a trader can reach across their trading activities before their account is considered to have violated the terms. This applies universally to all account sizes, with a maximum loss limit of 6%.

Stop-loss required indicates that traders must establish a stop-loss order for each position they open before entering a trade. This is a mandatory practice to manage risk effectively.

Stop-loss risk per position dictates that traders need to define a specific percentage-based stop-loss for every position they initiate. This percentage is set at 2% for each position, ensuring risk control.

Lot size consistency is a rule enforcing uniformity in lot sizes for the positions traders open. It is typically specified as a certain percentage by which lot sizes can vary from one another, promoting a structured approach to trading.

No martingale allowed signifies that traders are prohibited from employing any form of martingale strategy during their trading activities. This rule discourages high-risk betting systems.

Third-party copy trading risk emphasizes that traders using copy trading services from external providers should be cautious. Such services may lead to the duplication of trading strategies, potentially resulting in the denial of funded accounts or withdrawals if the maximum capital allocation rule is breached. Traders should be mindful of these risks when considering third-party copy trading services.

Instant Funding Program Add-On Options

To clarify, you have the option to select one add-on feature or multiple add-ons, depending on your preferences. The add-on features available are as follows:

  1. Unlock scaling level 8: For a 10% price increase when purchasing your instant funding account.
  2. No mandatory stop-loss: For a 20% price increase when purchasing your instant funding account.
  3. Joining fee refund: For a 25% price increase when purchasing your instant funding account.

These add-ons offer flexibility in tailoring your instant funding account to align with your specific trading requirements and risk management preferences.

What Makes FTUK Different From Other Prop Firms?

FTUK stands out from other industry-leading proprietary trading firms due to its unique approach, offering two distinct funding programs: Evaluation and Instant Funding. This diversity provides traders with the flexibility to choose the path that best aligns with their trading objectives and preferences.

In the Evaluation program, traders are subject to a one-phase evaluation process, which entails reaching a 10% profit target, adhering to a 6% maximum loss rule, setting required stop-loss orders, maintaining a specific stop-loss risk per position, and ensuring lot size consistency. Notably, FTUK does not impose any maximum or minimum trading day requirements within the evaluation period, allowing traders to approach it at their own pace, free from the time constraints that can add stress to the evaluation process.

Similarly, FTUK’s Instant Funding program follows similar rules, including a 10% profit target, a 6% maximum loss rule, required stop-loss orders, stop-loss risk per position specifications, and lot size consistency. The absence of maximum or minimum trading day restrictions provides traders with the freedom to complete the evaluation period at their preferred pace, reducing the pressure associated with strict time objectives. Moreover, traders opting for the Instant Funding program can bypass the evaluation phase entirely and commence trading right away.

In summary, FTUK distinguishes itself from other industry-leading prop firms by offering a dual-funding program approach, empowering traders with clear and straightforward rules. Additionally, FTUK’s commitment to flexibility is evident as they allow trading without limitations on maximum or minimum trading days, making it possible to trade during news events and hold positions overnight and over weekends. This approach sets FTUK apart in the proprietary trading industry.

Is Getting FTUK Capital Realistic?

Assessing the viability of trading requirements is a critical aspect when evaluating proprietary trading firms to determine which one best aligns with your forex trading style. While a firm may appear attractive based on its offer of a high-profit split for well-funded accounts, it’s crucial to consider whether the set performance goals are realistic, as overly ambitious targets could significantly reduce your chances of success.

When it comes to FTUK, the conditions for receiving capital are notably realistic, enhancing your prospects for success. In the Evaluation program, traders face an average profit target of 10% and a typical 6% maximum loss rule, creating achievable parameters to work within.

Likewise, the Instant Funding program also presents reasonable conditions. These direct funding programs enable traders to start earning from the outset. The initial level of this program sets a profit target of 10%, which, when achieved, multiplies your capital by four times. Furthermore, the maximum loss rule of 6% in these accounts is both practical and attainable.

Taking all these factors into account, FTUK stands out as an excellent choice for obtaining funding due to its provision of two distinct funding programs. These programs feature realistic trading objectives and conditions for payout eligibility, making FTUK a favorable option for traders looking to embark on a funded trading journey.

FTUK Traders Feedback

FTUK has garnered highly positive reviews and feedback from traders.

On Trustpilot, they have received extensive feedback from their community, which is overwhelmingly positive, resulting in an impressive score of 4.2/5 based on 187 reviews. Additionally, their dedicated support team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or uncertainties you may have, ensuring you have all the necessary information you need.


FTUK provides a comprehensive FAQ page that may contain the information you seek. Their support team is easily accessible via their social media channels or through direct contact via email at Their office hours are from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 GMT. You can also reach out to FTUK for further inquiries by calling them at +44 (20) 8798 2605. They offer various channels to ensure you have a way to contact them and get the information you need.


In summary, FTUK is a reputable proprietary trading firm that provides traders with the flexibility to choose between two distinct funding programs: the evaluation and instant funding programs.

The evaluation program accounts involve achieving a profit target of 10% while adhering to a 6% maximum loss rule, without any specific maximum or minimum trading day requirements. However, certain rules must be followed, such as having a required stop-loss, a specified stop-loss risk per position, and maintaining lot size consistency.

With instant funding program accounts, traders can request withdrawals from level two or higher at any time without profit target requirements. There are no maximum or minimum trading day limitations, but traders must still follow the required stop-loss, stop-loss risk per position, and lot size consistency rules.

FTUK stands out as an excellent choice for traders seeking a prop firm with transparent and fair rules. It’s a well-established proprietary trading firm that caters to a diverse range of traders with unique styles. After a thorough evaluation of all that FTUK has to offer, it is undoubtedly one of the more appealing options in the proprietary trading firm industry.

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