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Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding established a company dedicated to fostering an equitable trading atmosphere. Supported by funding investors, they have the capacity to finance proficient traders by providing them with live accounts.

The Good and Bad about Ment Funding

Ment Funding established a company dedicated to fostering an equitable trading atmosphere. Supported by funding investors, they have the capacity to finance proficient traders by providing them with live accounts.



Ment Funding is dedicated to propelling traders towards success, empowering them to potentially trade up to $2,000,000 in balance per account. To qualify for funding, one must pass their single-step evaluation, free from time constraints or specific prerequisites. Upon successful completion, traders receive profit splits ranging from 75% to 90% on all generated profits from their funded account.

Who are Ment Funding?

Ment Funding, an esteemed proprietary firm, was established in October 2020 with its roots as an educational platform for traders. By June 2021, the company broadened its scope and ventured into the proprietary firm business, extending funding opportunities to retail traders. Headquartered in Texas, United States, they provide traders with a streamlined one-step evaluation process for account sizes reaching up to $2,000,000 in capital. They’ve partnered with Eightcap, utilizing the services of an ASIC-regulated broker based in Melbourne, Australia.

Their headquarters are located at 5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731.

Funding program options

Ment Funding provides traders access to a concise, one-step evaluation program featuring a selection of seven distinct account sizes.

Evaluation program accounts

Ment Funding’s evaluation program is designed to identify and support genuine traders, empowering them to amplify their profits from trading endeavors. Guided by the principle of “your gains are our gains,” traders receive recognition for their steadfast performance during the single-phase evaluation period. The evaluation program’s account provides traders the opportunity to trade with up to 1:10 leverage, with an option to upgrade for a leverage of 1:20.

Account Size
















During the evaluation phase, traders are tasked with achieving a 10% profit target while adhering to strict guidelines: maintaining a maximum daily loss of 5% and a maximum drawdown of 6%. Notably, there are no specific trading day requirements for the evaluation account. Successfully hitting the profit target is the sole criterion for securing funding.

Upon completing the evaluation phase, traders receive a funded account devoid of profit targets. Instead, they are obligated to observe the 5% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum drawdown rules. Traders can request their initial profit split, ranging from 75% to 90%, at any time, with subsequent payouts available on a monthly basis.

Evaluation program account scaling plan

The evaluation program accounts feature a distinctive scaling plan, albeit with a limitation: you cannot scale your account balance. Instead, you have the flexibility to scale your lot size restrictions as you compound profits on your funded account. In this process, you have the option to request an increment of 1 lot in your lot size limit for every $10,000 profit generated on your account.

You can see the scaling plan for the lot sizes of the evaluation programs below:

Account Size

Increased Balance

Increased Lot Size Limit



10.5 lots



11 lots



11.5 lots



12 lots

Evaluation program account rules

  • Profit target is a predefined percentage of profit that traders must achieve to conclude an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or expand their account. For evaluation programs, this target is set at 10%, while funded accounts have no specified profit targets.
  • Maximum daily loss represents the highest permissible daily loss for traders before their account is considered violated, set uniformly at 5% across all account sizes. Meanwhile, the maximum loss refers to the overall highest permissible loss before an account is violated, standardized at 6% for all account sizes.
  • Maximum loss is the maximum loss a trader can reach overall before the account is violated. All account sizes have a maximum daily loss of 6%.
  • Stop-loss required means that traders must set a stop-loss on every position before they can open a trade. (Unless you paid for the Upgrade)
  • Lot size limits prescribe specific lot sizes for various trading instruments, typically based on the initial account balance of the prop firm account. Initially, traders are restricted to a maximum of 1 lot per $10,000 capital across all pairs. However, they can incrementally increase this limit by 5% on their account.
  • The “No weekend holding” rule prohibits traders from holding open positions during weekends, unless they choose the Upgrade option.

Upgrade options for your evaluation program accounts

  1. Hold trades over the weekend: 10% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account
  2. Double leverage (this will double the leverage for forex pairs and metals, as well as double your maximum lot size limitations): 25% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account
  3. No stop-loss required: 10% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account
  4. 90% profit split: 20% price increase when purchasing your evaluation

Keep in mind that you can choose only one upgrade option, or you can choose multiple based on your personal preference!

What makes Ment Funding different from other prop firms?

Ment Funding stands out among industry leaders by providing a streamlined one-step evaluation program. This unique approach comes with no minimum or maximum trading day requirements, allowing traders the flexibility to navigate market events, including trading during news releases and holding positions overnight.

Unlike traditional prop firms, Ment Funding’s evaluation program mandates traders to achieve a 10% profit target while adhering to a 5% maximum daily loss, 6% maximum drawdown, and required stop-loss rules (unless the Upgrade option is chosen). However, the program offers freedom from time constraints, eliminating additional pressure related to trading duration.

Moreover, the evaluation program features a distinctive scaling plan that doesn’t permit scaling of account balances but allows for the scaling of lot size limitations while compounding profits on funded accounts.

In essence, Ment Funding sets itself apart by offering traders a direct and transparent evaluation program, alongside the liberty of trading without stringent time constraints and the ability to participate in news trading and overnight positions.

Is getting Ment Funding capital realistic?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high % profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high % gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

Receiving capital from the evaluation program accounts is realistic mostly since they have an average 10% profit target with average maximum loss rules (5% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum drawdown).

After considering all of that, Ment Funding is an excellent choice to get funded since evaluation program accounts that you can choose from all have realistic trading objectives to follow and conditions to receive payouts.

Payment proof

Ment Funding, an established proprietary firm since October 2020, ventured into the prop firm business by June 2021. Upon achieving funded status and generating any profit on your account, your initial payout is available upon request. Subsequent withdrawals can be requested on a monthly basis.

Their Discord channel is a repository of payment evidence, where the community regularly shares proof of payouts. Two such instances are showcased below for reference.

Ment Funding Payout
Ment Funding Payout

Ment Funding Traders Feedback

Ment Funding has received commendable feedback on Trustpilot, with numerous community members contributing positive comments, resulting in an impressive score of 4.8 out of 5 from 134 reviews. The platform boasts a fast and dependable support team accessible via their Discord channel. This support team stands ready to offer assistance, whether it’s providing additional information or resolving any issues you might encounter during your trading journey.


Ment Funding stands as a credible proprietary trading firm providing diverse evaluation program options, spanning from $25,000 to $2,000,000 in account sizes.

Their evaluation programs center around a streamlined one-phase challenge, requiring completion before achieving funding and becoming eligible for profit splits. Achieving a 10% profit target aligns with realistic trading objectives, complemented by a 5% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum drawdown rules. Notably, traders experience flexibility without the constraints of minimum or maximum trading day requirements while collaborating with Ment Funding. These programs offer enticing profit splits ranging from 75% to 90% for account sizes up to $2,000,000.

Ment Funding caters to traders seeking a hassle-free one-step evaluation process. As a reputable proprietary trading firm, they offer favorable conditions for traders with diverse strategies. Considering their comprehensive offerings, Ment Funding emerges as a top choice among proprietary trading firms offering a one-step evaluation within the industry.

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