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Fortunes Funding (10% Discount Code: INVEST)

Fortunes Funding operates as a proprietary trading firm, extending capital of up to $300,000 to traders. The firm is committed to not only enhancing users' earnings but also fostering a supportive and beneficial trading environment. Recognizing the diversity in trading strategies, styles, and goals among individual traders, Fortunes Funding takes pride in offering a platform that accommodates a wide range of trading preferences. To assist users in realizing their full potential, the firm has established a 2-tier evaluation process, consisting of 1-Phase and 2-Phase evaluations.
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Fortunes Funding, as a proprietary trading firm, extends capital of up to $300,000 to traders, aiming not only to enhance users’ earnings but also to foster a supportive and helpful trading environment.

Acknowledging the diversity in trading strategies, styles, and goals of individual traders, Fortunes Funding takes pride in offering a platform tailored to accommodate various trading preferences. The firm has implemented a 2-tier evaluation process, comprising 1-Phase and 2-Phase evaluations. Throughout these evaluations, traders have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, showcase an understanding of market trends and trading news, with the overarching goal for users to exhibit discipline while making informed and logical trading decisions.

Fortunes Funding adopts a profit-sharing model that generously offers traders 80% of the profits. This competitive platform is designed to encourage personal growth, ultimately contributing to financial success.

A distinctive feature of Fortunes Funding lies in its emphasis on leveraging cutting-edge trading technology. The firm recognizes the importance of staying abreast of the latest advancements in the trading landscape.

In the following review, we’ll delve into the features provided by Fortunes Funding as a proprietary trading firm.

What Is Fortunes Funding ?

Fortunes Funding stands out as a competitive proprietary trading firm, offering users the opportunity to manage capital of up to $300,000. With a commitment to fostering an encouraging environment, the firm supports traders in developing their unique trading styles while simultaneously growing their investment capital.

The firm boasts a team of successful and experienced traders equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the current market dynamics and potential challenges. This expertise ensures that users receive the necessary support to evolve into successful traders.

Fortunes Funding has implemented a cutting-edge platform featuring state-of-the-art technology, providing traders with opportunities for both financial and personal growth through various challenges. Notably, the fees associated with the 2-tier evaluation program are refundable as part of the profit split once a trader achieves funded status.

The platform offers users a range of leverage options and diverse trading instruments. Fortunes Funding accepts multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency, and facilitates all payouts through Deel. Traders stand to retain 80% of their profits. This proprietary firm welcomes traders of all levels and experiences, making it a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their trading journey.

How Fortunes Funding Works ?

Fortunes Funding offers a platform that enables traders to undergo an evaluation process, providing them with an avenue to showcase their distinctive trading methods while securing the financial backing needed for growth. This evaluation process is structured as a 2-tier system, consisting of a 1-phase challenge and a 2-phase challenge. The breakdown of each of these challenges is detailed below.

One Phase Challenge

During the 1-Phase challenge, traders are empowered to manage multiple accounts with varying sizes, spanning from $5,000 to $200,000. This singular-phase evaluation provides traders with an unrestricted timeframe to achieve a 10% profit target. A minimum of one trading day is obligatory, with leverage of up to 1:30 for Forex trading. The 1-Phase challenge is designed to guide traders in formulating responsible trading strategies, featuring a maximum daily loss limit of 3% and a maximum loss limit of 6% based on the initial balance.

Two Phase Challenge

The 2-Phase challenge comprises a mandatory two-step evaluation followed by a verification phase. Upon successful completion of the first phase, traders progress to the second evaluation challenge, where account sizes can expand to up to $300,000. To succeed in this phase, users must achieve their profit target without encountering any drawdown violations.

In each step of this 2-phase evaluation process, a 5% maximum daily loss and a maximum overall loss of 10% are permitted, ensuring traders’ safety by preventing equity from falling below 90% of the initial account balance.

In phase 1, the profit target goal is set at 9%, and in phase 2, it is reduced to 4.5%.

Upon the completion of the 2-tier evaluation process, traders transition to being funded by Fortunes Funding. As official members, they assume responsibility for their own trades, with no specific target profit required. Traders are encouraged to approach trading mindfully and with caution, avoiding violations of the drawdown rules previously outlined in this stage, including maximum daily loss and maximum overall losses.

Account Sizes And Prices

The expenses associated with this platform vary, contingent on the account size and the type of challenge undertaken.

One Phase Challenge

For the 1-Phase challenge, costs range from $65 to $975, correlating with account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. Here’s a detailed breakdown for the 1-Phase challenge.

Account Size














Two Phase Challenge

For the 2-Phase challenge, prices vary from $69 to $1,419, aligning with account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $300,000. Here’s a detailed breakdown for the 2-Phase challenge.

Account Size













$1,419 (largest account size available)

Upon successful completion of the required challenges and the provision of funding by Fortune Funding, traders will receive a refund of their initial challenge fee as part of their first profit split. This advantageous feature makes Fortune Funding an attractive platform for traders of all levels.

Scaling Plan

The proprietary trading firm encourages its traders to maximize their access to capital. If, within a three-month trading period, you have generated profits of 6% or more on your Funded Account and completed at least 2 withdrawals, you have the opportunity to increase your account balance by 25%. This scaling option is available every three months.

Fortunes Funding Instruments

Fortune Funding offers a diverse selection of trading instruments through the ThinkMarkets Trading Platform, ensuring that traders have access to a comprehensive suite of tools at every stage of their trading journey.

The available instruments include:

  1. Forex Pairs and Metals: Tradeable forex pairs and metals, denoted by suffixes like “x” (e.g., “EURUSDx” for a forex pair or “XAUUSDx” for metals).

  2. Major Indices: Tradable indices without specific suffixes.

  3. Oil Instruments: Provided to traders without carrying specific suffixes.

  4. Cryptocurrencies: Tradable cryptocurrency pairs without any unique suffix.

This extensive range of trading instruments empowers traders with flexibility, allowing them to tailor their trading approach based on market insights and individual goals. The availability of various instruments enhances decision-making capabilities for traders on the Fortune Funding platform.

Fortunes Funding Leverage

Fortune Funding employs a variety of financial instruments to facilitate leveraged funding for traders. Here is a breakdown of the available leverage offerings on the platform.

  • Forex pairs: 1:100 leverage
  • Gold & Commodities: 1:50 leverage
  • Indices: 1:50 leverage
  • Crypto in Challenge Accounts: 1:2 leverage
  • Crypto in Funded Accounts: 1:1 leverage.

Fortunes Funding Payment Methods

This proprietary financial firm accepts a diverse range of payment methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDC (ERC-20), Ethereum (ERC-20), DAI (ERC-20), and DOGE. To prevent any payment loss, it is crucial to complete cryptocurrency payments within one hour of the Coinbase invoice time.

Fortunes Funding Trading Platforms

Fortunes Funding has established a strategic partnership with ThinkMarkets, a well-respected brokerage firm and electronic trading platform. ThinkMarkets is known for its user-friendly interface and efficient services, making it a preferred choice for a diverse range of forex traders.

Fortunes Funding Payouts

Fortune Funding has established a transparent and straightforward payout process through Deel. Traders are required to actively engage in trading for a minimum of 21 days before making their initial payout request. Once the first payout is processed, a 21-day cycle from the first trade day must be maintained for subsequent requests. Traders with scaled accounts have the option for bi-weekly payouts. It is essential to close all positions and requests before initiating the first payout request, as accounts transition to read-only status during this phase. Identity verification is mandatory before any payout is approved, ensuring a secure and safe environment for users. Fortune Funding has implemented a set of rules and obligations that the community must adhere to for a smooth trading experience.

Profit Split Payouts

Fortunes Funding is dedicated to fostering the growth of traders by offering a competitive profit-sharing model. This allows users to retain 80% of their profits, with the remaining 20% allocated to the company.

Fortunes Funding Support and User Experience

Fortunes Funding offers a comprehensive FAQ section that encompasses educational resources and addresses potential inquiries traders may encounter during their learning and growth journey. Additionally, the firm has established a dedicated team capable of addressing more detailed questions and providing assistance to users. Notably, the proficient team at Fortunes Funding is committed to maintaining a rapid 24-hour response time.

Customer Reviews

Fortunes Funding has garnered impressive ratings on Trustpilot, earning an outstanding 4.4 out of 5 stars based on feedback from 352 users. This exceptional rating serves as evidence of Fortunes Funding’s commitment to delivering a top-notch trading platform. Users particularly value features such as customer service support, transparent pricing structures, a user-friendly platform, and a seamless payout system. Notably, James, the CEO of Fortunes Funding, actively engages with the community, showcasing his dedication to the firm, which is well-acknowledged by users.

Fortunes Funding Community

Fortunes Funding is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of traders, showcasing their commitment through various initiatives. One notable feature is the funded account leaderboard, designed to inspire and motivate users by highlighting successful traders. This dynamic tool not only serves as a testament to the potential for success but also encourages users to strive for excellence through hard work and dedication.

Furthermore, Fortunes Funding maintains a robust social media presence, actively engaging with the trading community on platforms like Discord. This emphasis on real-time interactions fosters a sense of community, providing traders with a shared platform for continuous growth and mutual support.

Certainly! Fortunes Funding has established itself as a reputable proprietary trading firm, boasting a commendable 4.4/5-star rating from 352 users on Trustpilot. The firm’s competitive edge is evident in its offering, allowing traders to retain 80% of profit shares, a compelling incentive in the industry. Creating a sense of community, Fortunes Funding emphasizes collaboration among users.

Their 2-tier evaluation process is tailored to empower traders, encouraging the development and utilization of unique trading styles. With the provision of up to $300,000 in capital management, traders have ample room to explore their potential. The streamlined payout process through Deel, coupled with the refund of the initial challenge fee upon completion, adds to the appeal for users.

Fortunes Funding goes beyond by offering a diverse range of trading instruments, ensuring traders stay informed about current news and events. The presence of a 24-hour customer support team demonstrates their commitment to assisting users promptly and effectively.


Fortunes Funding stands as a highly reputable proprietary trading firm, fostering trader growth and accommodating a range of trading styles. The platform’s flexible 2-tier evaluation process empowers users to express their unique trading approaches. Fortunes Funding takes pride in offering cutting-edge financial trading instruments and real-time data to enhance the trading experience.

A distinctive feature is the platform’s competitive profit-sharing model, granting traders an impressive 80% of their profits. While the initial participation fees may seem high, their refundability post the first profit split minimizes financial risks for traders. A 21-day activity requirement precedes the eligibility for the first payout, and although leverage numbers might appear low, they are justifiable given the fee structure.

Fortunes Funding addresses certain concerns transparently, and upon closer examination, the benefits far outweigh potential drawbacks. A commendable Trustpilot rating underscores the quality of services provided, and the acceptance of diverse payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, adds to the platform’s appeal.

The user-friendly, consistent, and reliable nature of Fortunes Funding’s platform positions it as an excellent choice for traders at all levels. With significant capital offerings and an engaged trading community, this proprietary firm presents an exceptional opportunity for endless growth.

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