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TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds places priority on providing an advanced prop trading experience that addresses the needs of professional traders. Traders can potentially earn significant profits by managing account sizes of up to $200,000 and receive up to 90% of the profits. This can be accomplished through trading various financial instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.
TradingFunds Review

Who are TradingFunds?

TradingFunds is a proprietary trading firm registered under the legal name legally known as TF Solutions LLC-FZ. It was established in February 2023 and has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its operations are run and managed by CEO Philip Hall.

TradingFunds offers traders a single one-step evaluation and partners with Eightcap as their broker to bring attractive services to their customer base.  

TradingFunds headquarters are situated at Emirates Financial Towers, Office 28 DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Funding Program Options

TradingFunds provides its traders with a single funding program option.

Evaluation Program

TradingFunds Review

The goal of the TradingFunds Evaluation Program is to identify talented traders who can generate profit and manage risk throughout a one-step evaluation period. Traders have the opportunity to manage account sizes ranging from $25,000 up to $200,000 and trade with leverage up to 1:100.

Here’s how it works.

For the evaluation phase, traders are expected to reach the 10% profit target without exceeding their 8% maximum trailing loss rule. When it comes to time limitations, there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements you have to follow. This means that you only have to hit the 10% profit target without surpassing the maximum loss limit rule.

Upon completing the evaluation phase, you will receive a funded account. There are no minimum withdrawal requirements attached to the account. However, you are expected to respect the 8% maximum trailing loss rule. Your initial payout is 14 calendar days from the day you execute your first trade on your funded account. All subsequent withdrawals are processed bi-weekly as well. Plus, you are eligible for a profit split of 80% up to 90% depending on how profitable you are.

Add-ons for TradingFunds’ Evaluation Program

  • 90% Profit Split
  • Activate Scaling Level 6
  • No Stop-loss Required

Evaluation Program Scaling Plan

TradingFunds Review

The Evaluation Program also has a scaling plan. If a trader reaches a profit target of 10%, you can scale your account to the next available account size. It is necessary to note that you do not have to forfeit your profits if you choose to scale your account


The profit target for the $50,000 funded account is 10%.

Week 1: Generate a profit of 6%.

Week 2: Generate a profit of 4%.

The total generated profit from the last two weeks is 10%. Since the required profit target has been met, you can scale your account to the next size.

Evaluation Program Trading Rules & Objectives

  • Profit Target: Traders must meet the specified profit percentage to successfully complete an evaluation phase, withdraw earnings, or scale their trading account. The evaluation phase has a profit target of 10%. Funded accounts do not have any specified profit targets.
  • Maximum Trailing Loss: The difference between the highest attained account balance and the lowest point of the drawdown determines the maximum trailing loss a trader is permitted to lose without breaching the account. All account sizes have a maximum tailing loss of 8%.
  • Stop-loss Required: Before starting a trade, it is necessary for the trader to place a stop-loss on each position. This condition is put in place to prevent excessive loss while trading and improve a trader’s risk management abilities.
  • Stop-loss Risk Per Position: Before executing a trade, the trader is required to specify a specific percentage-based stop-loss for each position. There is a maximum stop-loss requirement of 2% for each position.

What Makes TradingFunds Different From Other Prop Firms?

TradingFunds stands out from most industry-leading prop firms by proposing a single account type, a one-step evaluation.

TradingFunds Evaluation Program is a one-step evaluation. Traders are expected to successfully conclude a single phase before receiving a funded account and subsequent payouts. The profit target is 10% coupled with an 8% maximum trailing loss rule. Keep in mind that there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements during the evaluation phase so you can move at your own pace. In addition, the Evaluation Program also has a unique scaling plan, allowing traders to manage even larger account sizes.

The Evaluation Program is distinct from other funding programs within the proprietary trading industry because of the ease it affords traders. There is an unlimited trading period, no minimum trading day requirements, no maximum daily drawdown, and multiple add-on features take the pressure off trading. It also provides for multiple trading instruments and a means to track your trading performance long-term.

Due to its features and the systematic approach it takes to trading, TradingFunds has set itself apart from other industry-leading prop firms and continues to grow its community of traders worldwide. Traders are drawn to its top-tier services and the fact that it priorities the unique needs of professional traders.  

Is Getting TradingFunds Capital Realistic?

Although TradingFunds offer a very attractive profit split and favorable conditions for trading, it is important to determine if it is possible to meet their trading requirements and how convenient it is to get access to capital for trading. It is also necessary to consider factors like time restraints and withdrawal limitations if any to decide whether or not the prop firm meets your trading needs.

Lastly, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with all trading rules during the evaluation process and subsequent funding stages to lessen the risk of accidentally violating your trading account terms.

Receiving capital from the Evaluation Program is realistic primarily due to its modest profit target of 10% with an average maximum loss rule (8% maximum trailing loss). Remember that there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. This offers flexibility without time constraints, ensuring that funding can be acquired swiftly in a day or proceed at your preferred trading pace. Furthermore, upon successfully concluding the evaluation phase, participants are eligible for payouts featuring an advantageous profit split of 80% up to 90%.

For these reasons, TradingFunds is desirable to talented disciplined professionals who may not want the hassle of going through several evaluation phases and appreciate a prop firm that creates a convenient trading environment with realistic trading objectives and conditions for qualifying for payouts.

Payment Proof

TradingFunds is a proprietary trading firm established in February 2023. Yet in such a short time, they have garnered a substantial community of traders who have attained funded status and enjoy an advantageous profit split.

You can find information regarding TradingFunds payment proof on Trustpilot. There traders share their opinions of the prop firm and their experiences working with the platform as well as the process of how they successfully received payouts.

TradingFunds Review
TradingFunds Review


TradingFunds provides its community with an elaborate News section with educational content, such as the following three categories:

  • Announcements
  • Trading Tips
  • News

Moreover, TradingFunds also has a well-designed trading dashboard which is a useful tool for experienced traders. It offers access to real time market data which allows easier risk management. In addition, traders can track their trading performance during the evaluation process or after they’ve received a funded account, improve their trading skills, and make informed trading decisions.

Trustpilot Feedback

TradingFunds has amassed an average score on Trustpilot based on their community’s feedback.

TradingFunds Review

On Trustpilot, TradingFunds has a significant variety of their community commenting and delivering positive feedback concerning their company services. The firm has attained an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 from a substantial pool of 115 reviews and 62% of these reviews are 5 stars.

TradingFunds Review

In general, traders have had a positive experience with the prop trading firm. They emphasized helpful customer support, as they mentioned receiving proper answers to numerous questions before purchasing the account. The hands-on approach taken by the customer support team has been useful in helping prospective traders successfully complete the evaluation program and manage their funded account. The evaluation process is designed to test their trading skills and clients have applauded the realistic trading objectives.

Plus, traders have highlighted the streamlined 1-step phase challenge, straightforward trading rules, access to various financial markets, and the lack of daily drawdowns, as features which they appreciate. They also noted the scaling plan that grants access to more trading capital which places the firm on par with other trading platforms. They emphasized the quick feedback provided by the platform and expressed satisfaction upon receiving a funded account in less than 24 hours after passing the challenge.

Customer Support

If you have questions or concerns about Trading Funds you can reach out to customer care through the live chat on the website or via email at Checking their FAQ page could provide you with quick answers. They respond to the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Portuguese.


TradingFunds is a credible and reliable proprietary trading firm offering traders the chance to opt for a single funding program, the Evaluation Program, which is a one-step evaluation.

TradingFunds Evaluation Program is a one-step evaluation that requires the completion of a single phase before becoming eligible to manage a funded account and earn 80% up to 90% profit splits. Traders must attain a 10% profit target in order to become successfully funded. These are realistic trading rules, considering you have an 8% maximum trailing loss rule to follow. Keep in mind there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements during the evaluation phase. Therefore, you are free to trade at your preferred pace without any time pressure. Finally, it’s crucial to note that the Evaluation Program features a scaling plan, providing you with the opportunity to increase your initial account balance and enjoy more profits as you trade.

TradingFunds comes highly recommended to professional traders searching for a trustworthy proprietary trading firm that caters to their needs and trading styles. The firm’s trading rules are clear and precise enough for experienced traders to work with. Although it does not have multiple funded accounts, its evaluation program is industry-standard and its scaling plan allows professionals to access more trading capital once certain profit targets are met. The prop trading firm is available to traders worldwide and has positioned itself as a viable choice for serious clients by granting access to different financial markets. The prop firm is focused on improving the ease of trading and relieving the difficulties traders face when trying to build a career in the industry.

They also offer a 25% Discount Code (INVEST) for their new traders. This coupon code doesn’t have an expiry date.

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