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FTUK cTrader: Enhancing the Trading Experience

FTUK launches cTrader, enhancing trading with advanced tools. .

By GI Team

FTUK Launches cTrader Enhancing the Trading Experience

FTUK has announced the launch of its latest trading platform, cTrader, which now joins the company’s existing suite of platforms. This addition aims to further enrich the trading experience for FTUK’s clients by providing them with advanced trading tools and capabilities.

FTUK cTrader Launched

The introduction of cTrader is a significant milestone for FTUK, marking it as the third platform in their lineup, alongside DXTrade and MatchTrader. This move highlights FTUK’s dedication to offering a wide range of state-of-the-art trading technologies. By continually expanding their technological offerings, FTUK ensures that traders have access to the best tools available, optimizing their strategies and helping them achieve their trading goals.

Advanced Features of cTrader

cTrader stands out due to its enhanced accessibility and functionality. It allows traders to operate seamlessly across various devices and operating systems, ensuring they can trade effortlessly wherever they are. One of the most notable features of cTrader is its support for algorithmic trading. This capability allows traders to create and use their own algorithms and trading robots, significantly increasing the efficiency and precision of their trading activities.

Migration Process for Existing Users

For current FTUK clients interested in switching to cTrader from MatchTrader or DXTrade, the process has been made straightforward. Traders need to close all open trades and submit a migration request, including their account number, to the support team at Despite the high volume of requests, FTUK is committed to expediting this process, ensuring that clients can quickly transition to the new platform.

Looking Ahead: TradeLocker for US Traders

Currently, cTrader is not available to US citizens. However, FTUK is working diligently on launching TradeLocker, a new platform tailored specifically for US traders. This upcoming addition underscores FTUK’s commitment to catering to a global clientele and providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of traders from different regions.

Commitment to Innovation and Client Satisfaction

FTUK’s launch of cTrader and the forthcoming TradeLocker platform reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the trading industry. FTUK is also addressing payment options to minimize delays, ensuring a seamless trading experience for all its clients. The company remains focused on enhancing its services and maintaining a high standard of client satisfaction.

In conclusion, FTUK’s addition of cTrader to its suite of trading platforms represents a significant step forward in providing traders with cutting-edge tools and technologies. With plans for further innovations like TradeLocker, FTUK continues to lead the way in the prop trading industry, dedicated to helping traders achieve their goals through advanced and accessible trading solutions.

About FTUK

FTUK offers a range of trader-friendly features designed to enhance the trading experience. There are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements, allowing traders flexibility in their activities. The company provides a scaling plan and imposes no maximum daily drawdown, giving traders ample room for growth and risk management. FTUK supports on-demand payouts after the first payout, ensuring traders can access their profits whenever needed. With an 80% profit share, traders retain a significant portion of their earnings. Additionally, FTUK permits overnight and weekend holding as well as news trading, catering to diverse trading strategies.

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